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  • Moonlight on Nightingale Way(On Dublin Street #6)(27) by Samantha Young
  • As I tried to blink back my tears at his speech, Maia launched herself out of her chair and straight at Logan. He stood stunned for a moment as she wrapped her arms around his waist and burrowed her face against his chest. Seconds later he slid his arms around her and held her tight.

    I had to look away so I wouldn’t turn into a blubbering mess.


    I glanced up at them again to find Maia had stepped away from her dad, looking almost embarrassed by her outburst of affection. Logan noticed and put his arm around her shoulders and drew her in to his side. She smiled shyly up at him, but he’d turned to me so he didn’t notice the adoration he was receiving. “Are you okay to let Maia stay with you while I turn the second room into Maia’s room?”

    “Of course,” I answered easily.

    “Okay.” He blew out air between his lips and looked down at Maia. “I’ll need the details of your last school, sweetheart, so I can arrange a transfer to a school here.”

    She nodded eagerly.

    “You’ll need more clothes. If Grace can’t take you, I’ll get Shannon to. She’s dying to meet you.” He reached out with his other hand and stroked her cheek with his thumb. There was this dazed, tender light in his eyes, and I think it was just finally hitting him that Maia was his. She was his daughter. His voice was gruff with emotion when he spoke again. “I’d better go see your mum.”

    “I’ll come with you,” I blurted out. I didn’t want him to go back out there alone. I didn’t want him to have to face it on his own after everything he’d already gone through.

    “What about Maia?”

    “I’m fifteen,” she piped up. “I can look after myself for a few hours. Believe me.”

    Logan frowned. “How would you feel about spending a few hours with Shannon?”

    I wasn’t sure that was a good idea, considering Maia had never met her aunt. However, she spoke up before I could say anything. “Okay. I want to meet her.” I scrutinized her to make sure she was telling the truth, and as far as I could see, she was. In fact, she was positively giddy. Jittery. Like a kid on Christmas morning.

    I guess, in a way, this was a bit like that for her. Instead of presents, she was getting a family.

    “Here? Or at Shannon and Cole’s?” Logan said.

    “Um…” She bit her lip. “Here, please.”

    Excited she might have been, but she was also still nervous. Logan seemed to understand she’d be more comfortable meeting his sister somewhere that felt familiar and safe to her. “Okay. Let me give her a call.”

    He did it right away, and we heard him telling her it was to be just her. In other words, Cole wasn’t invited this time. She must have agreed, because he got off the phone and nodded at Maia. “She doesn’t have a class today, so she’ll be right over.”

    Not too long later my doorbell rang and Logan disappeared to let Shannon in. He led her into the sitting room, her violet eyes shining, her cheeks flushed, and her bright red hair falling around her shoulders in a mass of gorgeous waves and ringlets. She scanned the room, and as soon as she spotted Maia, she strode over to her.

    Without a word, Shannon tugged Maia into her arms and held on tight. I looked at Logan to see how he was reacting to the heartwarming scene. Just like this morning, his expression was carefully blank.

    I was starting to worry about that.

    Shannon eventually let go of Maia long enough to step back and then cup her face between her hands. Maia looked at Shannon as if she were some beautiful, magical fairy. Shannon was looking at Maia in much the same way. “Just look at you. You’re so grown-up and so beautiful. Isn’t she beautiful?” Shannon grinned at us.

    I nodded, and Logan murmured, “Yeah. She looks just like you, Shannon.”

    Maia’s eyes grew round at the compliment.

    “Except for the hair.” He smirked.

    They both giggled, the sound exactly the same, and I burst out laughing at their twin expressions of amazement and excitement. I had a feeling they were going to be fine, and I started to relax about leaving Maia alone with Shannon.

    “Well, you two better hit the road.” Logan’s sister gestured toward the door.

    Logan nodded and walked over to give both Shannon and Maia a kiss on the cheek. I followed suit, squeezing Maia’s hand and giving Shannon a grateful smile before hurrying after Logan as he started his determined journey back to Glasgow.

    Like the last time I was in Logan’s car with him, there was total silence. Unlike last time, however, I wanted to give him the quiet. He needed it to process everything that had happened. So I gave him quiet. And he took it. For the entire ninety minutes.

    When we eventually pulled up to the familiar block of flats, Logan parked and switched the car off. He looked at me.

    I gave him a small, wobbly smile. “Are you ready?”

    “I want her to fight me.”

    He didn’t have to clarify his statement. I knew exactly what he meant, because I wanted Maryanne to fight him too. For Maia’s sake. It wasn’t about him not wanting to take care of Maia. No matter what happened, he was going to do that. But we both wanted Maryanne to give some indication that Maia meant something to her. My mother had never fought for me. It was a special kind of agony knowing your own mother didn’t love you. It was always with me. A ghost haunting me, a demon taunting, “If your mother can’t love you, who can?”

    I fought that demon, or whatever you wanted to call it, every day. Most days I won. Still… I didn’t want Maia to have that fight.

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