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  • Moonlight on Nightingale Way(On Dublin Street #6)(43) by Samantha Young
  • I writhed against him, and Logan groaned against my breast, the sound reverberating through me deliciously. In answer he pressed his body deeper into mine and lifted his head to kiss me again. This kiss was harder, wetter, much more out of control. I instantly wrapped myself around him, and my fingers curled in the hair at the back of his neck as I licked and sucked and flicked my tongue against his, our kiss so deep I wasn’t aware of anything but him.

    All I knew was that I wanted more and I wanted it now.

    My hand slipped under his T-shirt, and I traced his hard stomach before sliding down inside his jeans.

    He broke the kiss on a hiss, pressing into my hand as I tried to curl it around his erection against the constraining confinement of his jeans.

    I pulled my hand out and began unzipping him. “I want you inside me,” I whispered hurriedly. “I need you.”

    He gently brushed my hands away from his erection and slipped his own hand under my dress. As his fingertips trailed along my inner thigh, he asked against my mouth, “Are you ready for me, Grace?”

    I nipped at his lower lip and sighed. “I’m so ready for you.”

    “Fuck,” he groaned again, his fingers pushing under my knickers. “You are full of surprises.”

    “Huh-uh?” I said on a whimper as he slid two fingers inside of me.

    I pushed onto them.

    He pulled back to stare into my eyes as he fucked me with his fingers. “I never thought you’d light up for the likes of me.”

    I gasped, barely cognizant of what he was saying, as I clutched his arm, afraid he’d stop what he was doing to me.

    “Jesus, you’re killing me.” His lips skimmed my jaw until his mouth stopped at my ear. “I’m going to fuck you until you see stars.”

    I came around his fingers, my cries of release swallowed in his kiss.

    As I shuddered against him, I kissed him and sucked on his tongue. His answering growl spurred me on until it descended into the dirtiest kiss I’d ever experienced.

    I felt his warm, rough hands on my outer thighs as they brushed my skin, pushing my dress up to my waist. Logan gripped the fabric of my knickers and tugged, and they slid down my legs. I kicked them away, not daring to break the kiss, and the sudden air between my legs increased the tingling need he was building in me again.

    We both reached for his jeans, and we shoved them and his boxers down to his ankles, freeing him. Logan pulled back from the kiss, and I glanced down to check him out.

    He was big.

    Bigger than I’d had inside me before.

    “Oh God,” I breathed.

    Logan’s eyes darkened. “All for you, babe,” he said as he gripped my legs, spread them, and thrust up into me.

    “Logan!” I cried out in pleasured pain, his throbbing heat overwhelming me. All of my focus was on the sensation of his thickness inside me, and I struggled for breath as my body tried to adjust and relax. Logan held still against me, breathing heavily, as though he was attempting to gain a little control.

    I didn’t want control.

    I wanted more. I pushed my hips against him and he eased me up against the wall so I could wrap my legs around him. It shifted him deeper inside me, and my fingers bit into his shoulders. “Logan!” I arched my head back, and Logan took it as an invitation.

    His mouth tugged on my nipple, and my inner muscles clamped around his cock and snapped whatever control he was holding on to. He pounded us into the wall, thrusting into me hard, gliding in and out of me with increasing frenzy.

    He lifted his head, and our eyes met as he kept his promise to fuck me hard. As he watched me, his eyes blackened. “Grace.” His voice was guttural. “I’m… close…” he panted.

    At that I felt his thumb press down on my clit, and the combination of his cock inside of me and him rubbing my clit blew me apart. My release triggered his as my inner muscles rippled around his dick. Logan gritted his teeth, his eyes on me, his muscles strained, and he let out a deep belly grunt as his hips jerked against me in climax.

    The world slowly came back to me as the euphoria of my orgasm faded. Suddenly I was painfully aware of Logan’s chest rising against mine as we struggled to get our breaths back, of his heavy weight against me, of his lips touching my neck.

    I breathed him in, afraid to let go.

    When he pulled back from me, I could only stare into his eyes, hoping I would be able to read in them what he was thinking. But I couldn’t. Instead I held perfectly still, wrapped around him, as he pressed the softest, sweetest kiss to my mouth. My lips tingled as he gently pulled out of me and lowered my legs to the floor.

    “Are you on the pill?” he said softly.

    I froze at the unexpected question.

    And then it hit me.

    I’d let him inside me without a condom.

    How could I have been so stupid? “I’m on the pill,” I whispered, because I was, but that wasn’t the point!

    Some of the tension he’d been carrying melted out of him as he bent down to pull on his underwear and jeans. I stared at him as he zipped himself back up and then took a step toward me.

    What was he going to do next?

    I had no idea what was going on here.

    To my surprise he took hold of the hem of my dress and slowly lowered it back down into place. And then he grasped the straps of both my dress and bra and gently tugged the upper half of my clothing up until I was covered.

    Legs trembling, I could only stand there in my state of shock as he trailed his fingertips across my cheek. “Did I hurt you?”

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