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  • Moonlight on Nightingale Way(On Dublin Street #6)(48) by Samantha Young
  • “Thanks. You too. I mean… do you have anything fun planned for tonight?”

    “Oh, aye,” Maia chimed in. “Grace is taking me to get a tattoo, and then we’re going to get high and crash this party she’s been talking about all week.”

    I threw her a look. “You’re funny.”

    She wriggled her eyebrows at me. “I know.”

    Smothering my grin, I turned back to Logan, who was smirking at his daughter. “Just make sure you go to Cole for the tattoo.”

    Her eyes widened. “Are you serious? I can get a tattoo?”

    He cocked his head, his eyes bright with affection. “Of course… when you’re fifty and old enough to know better.”

    Maia scowled. “You have a tattoo.”

    We all looked at the sword on his arm, and Logan’s face darkened. “You can blame Cole for that one too.” He glanced up into my inquisitive face and gave me a sharp nod. “See you later.” He looked past me to Maia. “Be good.”

    I shut the door on his retreating back and followed Maia into my sitting room.

    “That was weird,” she mumbled.

    I guessed she was referring to Logan’s comment about his tattoo. “Hmm.”

    “I mean, what’s going on between you two? That was beyond awkward out there, and it hasn’t escaped my notice that Dad and I don’t have dinner here anymore.”

    Until this moment I had assumed we were getting away with it. Why I assumed that when Maia was intelligent and observant, I don’t know. Call it wishful thinking.

    “There’s nothing going on.” I walked into the kitchen, hoping that was the end of the matter.


    “I don’t believe you.”

    “That’s your prerogative,” I said as I picked up the bowls of snacks I’d set out. “Get some of these, please.”

    Maia followed me into the sitting room, where I was laying out snacks on the coffee table. Although we weren’t getting tattoos and doing drugs tonight, we did have plans. Shannon had arranged a girls’ night in and had invited Jo, Joss, and a few of their other friends to my place.

    “Grace, just tell me one thing.”


    “Are you and Dad okay?”

    I looked at her concerned face and paused for thought. I didn’t want to lie to her. As a duo we were not okay. Technically, however, I was going to be okay and Logan was okay. “Yes.”

    Although she didn’t look completely convinced, Maia let it go and helped me put more snacks out.

    Half an hour later my doorbell rang, and I blinked as a stream of attractive women of different ages moved past me into the sitting room.

    Shannon grinned at me as she stood among the crowd. “So you’ve met Jo.” She gestured to Cole’s sister, and we smiled at each other. “And the first person I’m going to introduce you to is Joss.”

    A woman around my height with long dark blond hair and tip-tilted eyes took a step forward from the group. She had an arresting, pretty face and a chest I was envious of. She also did not look thirty-five. I’d assumed someone had just done a really great job on her author picture, but nope, the mother of three was young and gorgeous in real life too. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Grace,” Joss said in her husky voice as she held out a hand to shake mine.

    “Uh, you too.” I shook her hand. “I told you I’m a big fan, right?”

    “She has all your books,” Maia piped in. “Maybe you could sign them.”

    “I can do that.” Joss grinned wryly and stepped back.

    “I love it.” A leggy, curvy brunette grinned. Another American, by the sound of her accent. “You’re such a rock star to book geeks.” She flushed, her unusual eyes growing round as she stepped toward me. “I didn’t mean to be insulting.” She shook my hand enthusiastically. “I’m Olivia. You can call me Liv. Fellow book geek. I work at the University of Edinburgh Library.”

    I was momentarily hypnotized by her. On first glance her face seemed almost plain, but then she smiled and it transformed her. Plus, she had the most stunning hazel eyes. They were so light they were almost gold. That, combined with all her curves and the riot of dark hair tumbling around her shoulders, and I was beginning to feel plain. “It’s lovely to meet you.”

    “I’m Ellie, Joss’s sister-in-law.” As I shook Ellie’s hand I found myself looking up. She was just as tall as Jo, and just as pretty as the other women, but in a far more subtle, girl-next-door kind of way.

    “And I’m Hannah, Ellie’s sister.” Despite the difference in eye color, I could see the similarities between them in their features. However, whereas Ellie could have been a fashion model with her tall, slender figure, Hannah was just slightly taller and had a lot more in the way of curves. She had the kind of figure women all over the world would die for.

    “I’ve heard lots about you from Maia,” I said. “It’s lovely to meet you.” I gestured to the snacks. “Please help yourself. Can I get anyone a drink?”

    After taking their orders, I went to the kitchen, where Maia and Shannon helped me put together the drinks. We found the women seated in the living room, laughing over something.

    “What’s funny?” Shannon said as we settled in among them.

    “I just got a text from Nate,” Liv said. “My husband,” she explained to me. “We left the men with the kids approximately half an hour ago and I’m already getting texts. It would seem that Belle and January are fighting over Sophia.”

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