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  • Moonlight on Nightingale Way(On Dublin Street #6)(93) by Samantha Young
  • His heated gaze made me shiver.

    “Does that mean you like it?”

    His answer was to drag the nighty up over my head and throw it on my chair. Once I was naked, he lifted me up into his arms and threw me none-too-gently on the bed. I watched, my excitement mounting as he stripped out of his clothes in lightning-fast time.

    Suddenly he was braced over me, kissing me like there was no tomorrow. I gripped Logan’s waist as the kiss grew hungrier. I could feel the hard, insistent press of his erection against my belly. He groaned, his lips drifting from my mouth, across my chin, down my jaw. He kissed his way down my body, his mouth hot, desperate, and I held on, caressing his muscled back, sliding my hands up toward his shoulder blades as he moved downward.

    When that hot mouth of his closed around my left nipple, my hips slammed against him in reaction. “Oh God.” My thighs gripped him as I urged him closer, my back arching for more as he first licked me and then sucked hard.

    I felt a wet rush between my legs. “Logan.”

    He groaned again and continued to suck and tease and torment me, until I felt the coil of tension tighten in my lower belly.

    “Logan —” I was breathing hard now, clutching his head in my hands as he circled his tongue around my areola. “More.”

    Suddenly he was moving, sliding down my body, his hands cupping and shaping my breasts as he descended, his lips trailing wet kisses down my stomach. I shivered at the touch of his tongue across my skin and relaxed in anticipation of his destination, my legs falling open.

    He kissed me, flicking his tongue lightly, deliberately missing my clit, teasing me. And then I felt his fingers slide inside me, and I whimpered with need. Logan looked up at me, his eyes hot with his own desire. His fingers slipped out of me and then back in. My hips pushed against them, trying to catch his rhythm.

    I bit my lip as my orgasm built.

    “Let it out, Grace. I want to hear you.”

    He slipped his fingers out of me, but before I could mourn the loss, he parted my labia and circled my clit, teasing it, pressing it… and then he sucked it.

    I let it out for him, crying his name loudly in my pleasure as he continued to lick me. “Logan!” I panted, feeling my orgasm near the edge, “Oh God, yes. Yes. Yes!” I burst apart, crying out his name as my eyes fluttered shut. The orgasm rolled through me in waves, and I pulsed and pulsed against his mouth until finally I was satiated.

    I felt him move up my body, and when I eventually pried my eyes open he had his hands braced on either side of my head again, his lower body pressed to mine. His expression was dark with promise and lust… and something much, much deeper. “My God, I love you,” he said, the words so thick with emotion they were barely audible.

    I forced energy into my arm and lifted my hand to brush his cheek. “I love you just as much.”

    He shook his head. “Not possible, babe.”

    I smiled. “Is it a competition?”

    “Fact.” He nudged his hard-on between my legs, and I shivered in reaction. “No man alive loves a woman as much as I love you. I never thought I would feel this way about anyone. I didn’t think it existed. Not for me.”

    “You’re going to make me cry, and I need to stop crying,” I whispered. “I love you just as much. Never forget it.”

    He nodded, leaning down to brush his mouth over mine. “Do you trust me?”

    “Yes,” I said immediately. “Completely.”

    “Still on the pill?” He nibbled on my lower lip before looking into my eyes in question.

    Confused, I nodded.

    “And you trust me?”

    “I already said yes.”

    In answer he kissed me deeper, wetter than before, and as I sank into the beauty of it, he pushed inside of me.

    He gasped against my mouth at the feel of being inside of me sans protection. His eyes darkened as he pressed deeper, and my muscles squeezed around him. He eased almost all the way out of me, and then slid back in, his thrusts gentle and slow.

    The friction started within me again.

    We locked gazes as he moved inside of me, and I was overwhelmed by the connection between us, by the love. It spurred my arousal on like nothing else could, and before I knew it I was coming again.

    Logan kept pumping into me, chasing his own climax, the tension straining his muscles as he fought to hold it off as long as possible. When he pressed a thumb to my clit, I realized why.

    He wanted me to come again.

    In the privacy of my bedroom, Logan MacLeod whispered all the dirty things he was going to do to me in explicit deal. Just as he demanded I come once more, my inner muscles tightened around his cock and his lips parted, his hips stilled, and with a deep groan that sent satisfaction rumbling through me, he shuddered as we reached climax together.

    CHAPTER 29

    Eight months later

    The sound of banging slowly seeped into my ears, jerking me out of my warm, wonderful sleep. I kept my eyes shut, refusing to be completely pulled out of it.

    “Dad! Grace!”

    The heavy arm around my waist shifted, and a groan rumbled right near my ear.


    “Maia?” Logan said sleepily into my ear, sounding confused.

    “Door,” I mumbled.

    “Wake up! It’s the wedding today!” She ended that on a giggle.

    “Fuck.” The arm started to disappear from my waist, and I fumbled to catch it.

    I pulled his body back in to mine, my back against his front. “No.”

    I heard his throaty chuckle. “Babe, we need to get up.”

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