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  • On Dublin Street(On Dublin Street #1)(26) by Samantha Young
  • When I thought about this afterward, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t embarrassed by his question, or his demand. Or how turned on I was giving into that demand. I’d never had a lover speak dirty to me during sex, but it was working for me. “I’m wet for you,” I whispered against his mouth.

    Satisfied he kissed me, a deep, exploring kiss, and his tongue slid over mine as his fingers travelled an inch higher. I jerked at the first touch of them brushing against me. No one else’s fingers had been down there in a while. In response Braden’s kiss grew harder, his touch gentler. My lips broke from his in a moan as he slid his thumb into me, finding my cl*t and pressing down on it.

    “Baby, you’re so f**king wet,” he groaned, his head falling to the bed beside mine, his lips on my neck as his thumb slid out of me, replacing it with two thick fingers that slipped slowly inside my channel. My knees fell open as I reached for more, my hands clinging to Braden’s na**d back as I surged up for that ‘more’.

    “More,” I pleaded.

    And he gave me more, thrusting his fingers in and out of me. He rose up on his other arm to look down at my face as he worked me towards orgasm.

    “Yes,” I sighed, feeling it coil and tighten.

    And then his fingers were gone.


    “You’re not coming until I’m inside you,” he told me, his features harsh with need as he pinned my hands to the bed. “I want to feel you come around me.”

    Well I wasn’t going to argue with that.

    I held onto my sigh of pleasure at the feel of his throbbing c*ck at my entrance. He rubbed against me, teasingly, and I wanted to grab his ass and force him inside. But he held tight to my wrists, grinning as if he knew exactly what I was thinking. As torture, he circled his hips, teasing me more.

    “Braden,” I growled impatiently.

    This only made him laugh. “What, babe?”

    “If you don’t hurry up, I’m backing out.”

    “Well we can’t have that.” He thrust hard inside me and I whimpered, stiffening at the flinch of discomfort I felt as my body struggled to accept his size.

    Braden’s whole body tensed, his eyes dark on me. “Are you okay?”

    I nodded, exhaling as my body relaxed around him.

    His grip on my wrists loosened, but he didn’t let me go. Instead he nudged forward tentatively, his jaw locking, his eyes closing as if he was in pain. “Jesus, Jocelyn,” he breathed hoarsely. “You’re so f**king tight.”

    I lifted my hips, urging him to move, feeling the pleasure start to coil again, feeling full of him and desperate for satisfaction. “It’s been a while.”

    His eyes flew open. “How long?”


    “How long?”

    I sighed. “Four years.”

    “Babe.” He dipped his head and kissed me lightly and when he pulled back his cocky grin was in place. He surged deeper inside me, his hands moving up from my wrists so his fingers could tangle through mine. Like this, he held me as he gently moved inside me, taunting me towards cl**ax and yanking me back.

    “Harder,” I gasped.

    His lips skimmed my ear. “Ask for it, Jocelyn.”

    “Braden, harder. Fuck me harder.”

    I raised my h*ps and Braden slammed back into me. I cried out, my neck arching. He groaned against my ear as he thrust hard, our bodies so focused on reaching cl**ax his hands let go of mine. I immediately gripped tight to his h*ps and he cupped my ass, tilting me higher so his c*ck could slide deeper.

    “Come for me, babe,” he ordered roughly.

    I nodded, feeling the pressure in my body build. I was almost there. “Braden, Braden…”

    His hand slipped between my legs and his thumb massaged my cl*t in beautiful circles.

    “Oh God!” I cried out as he wrenched the orgasm out of me, my sex tightening and pulsing around his cock.

    “Fuck.” His eyes widened as he stared down at me, watching me as I came long and hard. I closed my eyes, desperate to break the connection between us in that moment and I felt Braden’s head drop to the crook of my neck as he shuddered, his deep grunt as he came inside me making me spasm against the wet heat of his release.

    He relaxed into me, his breath hot on my neck as we both struggled to breathe normally. My muscles felt warm and gooey, my thighs resting against the top sides of his. We smelled of fresh sweat and sex, and I was still pulsing around him.


    Best. Sex. Ever.

    Braden kissed my neck and raised his head, his features soft with post-coital satisfaction. “Jocelyn,” he murmured before he kissed me slowly, wet and deep. When he pulled back, he slid out of me carefully, rolling onto his side, his hand stroking tenderly across my belly as he did.

    I stared at him, wondering a lot of things.

    Had it been just as earth shattering for him? He’d come hard too, so I hoped so.

    And what happened now? Why was he just lying there, staring at me?

    I looked up at the ceiling, unnerved by that soft look in his eyes. “Um… thanks.”

    Feeling the mattress shake, I turned my head on the pillow to find Braden laughing at me.


    He shook his head, clearly amused at me for some reason. He leaned over and pressed another kiss to my mouth. “You’re welcome.” He grinned, his thumb brushing my lower lip. “And thank you. Fucking great sex, babe.”

    I burst out laughing. From relief. From hysteria. From disbelief.

    I’d just had sex, phenomenal sex, with Braden Carmichael. And I was pretty sure we were going to do it again sometime. And I wanted to.

    But on my terms. “I’m going to clean up.” I got out of the bed, unabashed by my nudity since he’d made it perfectly clear he liked what he saw. As I strolled casually down the hall to the bathroom, I hoped Braden knew what ‘I’m going to clean up’ really meant: by the time I got back to the bedroom, his ass better be dressed and ready to leave.

    But when I got back from the bathroom, his ass was still lying in bed, waiting for me.

    I threw my hands to my hips, a scowl furrowing my brow. “What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be dressed?”

    He flashed a taunting smile my way. “Do you know how sexy you are right now?”

    I rolled my eyes. “Braden.”

    At my warning tone, his smile disappeared and he sat up. “I’m not leaving yet.”

    “But you are leaving?”

    He didn’t respond verbally. Instead he reached over and grabbed my hand, hauling me into the bed. Damn he was strong.

    “Braden,” I grumbled as I found myself lying on my side with his arms around me.

    He kissed my forehead. “You smell good.”

    Uh what?

    I glanced up from under my lashes to see he had closed his eyes.

    Was he serious? Did he think he was sleeping with me?

    I wriggled out of his hold and turned over, shimmying away, my back to him, hoping he’d take my hint. No such luck. Seconds later his strong arm was around my waist, his hand flat against my stomach, and my body was sliding back across the sheet, colliding with his.

    His arm tightened around me, his front hot against my back. I felt the shivery soft touch of his lips against my shoulder. “Night, babe.”

    Stunned, I lay there in silence for a moment.

    This was not what I’d been expecting. Not at all. It certainly didn’t scream ‘we’re sexual partners only!’

    And it felt good.

    And scary.

    “Are we… spooning?” I asked loudly, trying to insert bite into my tone and failing.

    I felt the huff of his breath on my neck. “Go to sleep, babe.”

    Uh... no!

    As if sensing my imminent escape, Braden pulled me even tighter against him, pushing his leg between mine, hooking it around one of them. “Go. To. Sleep.”

    Such a bossy a-hole.

    “Spooning was not in the terms of our agreement.”

    He ignored me. After a minute or two of silence I heard his breath even out. He really was going to sleep! I tried to wiggle but his muscles just flexed in warning and I wasn’t strong enough to get away.

    So I lay there, waiting.

    I was wonderfully exhausted by all the amazing sex, and sleep sounded like heaven, but I was determined I was not falling asleep in his arms. That was just a little too… relationshippy.

    Forcing myself to stay awake, I lay in his arms for half-an-hour until I felt his body completely relax. Biting my lip to stifle any heavy breathing that may be caused by the exertion of having to move like a ninja, I lifted his arm as gently as possible and moved my leg out from under his.

    I froze.

    I swore I thought I heard his breathing change.

    I listened carefully, relaxing at the sounds of even breaths.

    Stealthily, silently, I shifted away from him, hovering near the edge, my legs descending to the floor. My butt was just off the bed when I found myself tugged back with such force I bounced off the mattress with a choked scream.

    My heart pounded against my ribs as Braden expertly rearranged me again, moving so fast I was underneath him in seconds, my wrists pinned above my head and his body straddling mine.

    He did not look happy. “Will you go to f**king sleep?”

    I glared up at him. “Not with you in my bed. This was not part of the deal.”

    “One: I bought the bed. Two: it’s just sleeping, Jocelyn.”

    I ignored the bed comment since it was true. “No. It’s spooning. You said it was just sex. No spooning. We f**k, we have fun, you go home. That’s the deal.”

    He studied me intently for a moment and then lowered his head until his lips were almost touching mine. “We f**k, we have fun, and then we spoon. I don’t go home. I don’t go home because sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up, and when I wake up, I want to f**k. And for some baffling reason, the person I want to f**k is you. Now, I’m only going to say this one more time. Go to sleep.”

    He let me go only to fall at my side and tuck me back against him.


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