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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(3) by Samantha Young
  • We were in Milk, a bar on the Cowgate, an area of Edinburgh where my fellow Americans and I were living while doing a year abroad at the University of Edinburgh.

    Luckily for me, I was the kind of girl who could drown out a live rock band and a noisy crowd in order to complete classwork I forgot was due the next day. I could’ve stayed back at my apartment, but I had unpleasant business to take care of there later so I was avoiding having to spend any more time there than necessary.

    This hadn’t been a problem until my friend Lowe, lead vocalist of the band began singing my favorite song, “Lonely Boy.” Since the moment I’d heard it months ago during their first set in Scotland, it’d struck a chord. And every time I heard it, it pulled me in.

    I turned my head from my laptop screen to look up at the small stage. Lowe, a hot, smart musician with tattoos, a lip ring, and messy dark hair, caught my movement and focused on me, his eyes smiling over the top of his rimless glasses.

    I gave a small smile back and picked up my beer, listening to his song.

    Lowe told us that he was never more honest than he was when he wrote a song. In response, my boyfriend Jake had joked about me writing a song for him. The joke fell flat because the truth was I wasn’t being open enough with him. I was keeping a part of myself from Jake. Tonight was supposed to be a step forward for us—a big step for me, but one I felt I had to take if we had any hope of holding onto a relationship.

    I’d been feeling nervous but okay about it. Until Lowe and his freaking song.

    As if he’d guessed where my mind had wandered, Jake rested his chin on my shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my waist and drew me against his chest. “Where are you right now?” he asked, his lips tickling my ear.

    I shivered and turned my head slightly so his lips touched my cheek. “I’m right here.”

    “Why does this song get to you?”

    I jerked, staring into his gorgeous face in surprise.

    Jake smiled slightly, his dark eyes warm and knowing. “I pay attention.”

    “You’re a know-it-all.”

    His white teeth flashed. “Only when it comes to you. When a subject really interests me, I give it my unwavering focus.”

    “Are you saying you’re an expert on me?”

    His eyes lowered and I felt his grip loosen. “Hopefully one day you’ll let me be.”

    Not knowing how to answer, I looked back at the stage. For the last few days, since we’d started a physical relationship, the uneasiness that existed beneath the surface had only increased. It wasn’t borne of not wanting one another. Far from it. No, I was holding out on an emotional level and Jake was trying to be patient, which wasn’t his strong suit.

    All in all, it had created a sense of fragility between us.

    I relaxed against his hold, brushing my fingers over his knuckles.

    “Beck, show us your pecs!” a pretty brunette at the next table shouted over the music. I smirked at the scowl my girl Claudia shot her way.

    Beck was Jake’s best friend. He was also now one of Claudia’s best friends. As lead guitarist, Beck stood at the front of the stage with Lowe. He was absurdly attractive, tall and blond, with lethal gray eyes and an even more lethal smile. Beck was everything you’d expect from a rock band, with his sleeve tattoos on one arm, lazy-ass sense of style, and a way with women. He oozed sex and charisma more than anyone I’d ever met in my life, but I knew there was more to him than the whole bad-boy thing he played up. I knew this because I’d seen how different he was around Claudia. He wanted to be devoted to her in a way he wouldn’t even admit to himself, which was probably why he was eye-fucking the brunette at the next table.

    Catching the look, Claudia downed her drink and turned away from the band. Rowena, our Scottish friend who we suspected was sleeping with the bassist, Denver, brushed her bright purple hair out of her eyes to exchange a worried glance with me.

    Claudia was erratic around Beck.

    I knew she was attracted to him, but I had my suspicion, as did every person in our group with the possible exception of Beck, that Claudia was in love. However, one minute she pretended to be fine about his manwhorish ways, and the next she looked like she wanted to find a corner to cry in.

    I nudged her arm and she looked up at me with sad, stunning green eyes. Did I mention she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever met in real life and one of the coolest, funniest, kindest girls to boot? Did I mention Beck was an idiot?

    “Do you want to go?”

    She glanced back at the stage, glowered (which, in all honesty, I preferred to the sad puppy-dog look), and turned to me. “Yeah, if you’re ready.”

    “You’re leaving?” Jake leaned into me again.

    “It’s either that or I kill your best friend.”

    Jake looked over at Beck and gave a slight shake of his head. “He needs to pull his head out of his ass.”

    “Yup. Before then, though, I’m going to head back to the apartment with Claud.”

    “Want me to come?”

    I heaved a shaky sigh. Time to admit what I was up to tonight. “I actually have a thing tonight. A telling-Mom-and-Dad-about-me-and-you thing…”

    Jake’s eyebrows rose. “Did I hear that right over the music?”

    I cupped his face in my hands, feeling the slight bristle prickle my skin. Playfully, I rubbed my nose against his, smirking. “You might want to watch what you say next. I’m feeling a little nervous right now. I might back out.”

    In answer, I felt the soft press of Jake’s mouth against mine. My lashes fluttered closed and my lips parted for his soft, sweet kiss. My mouth tingled as he drew back.

    “I’m also telling them about the academy.”

    For that, I got another kiss, but instead of drawing back afterward, Jake pulled me into a hug. I melted against his strong chest, my hands resting on the hard muscles of his back. He smelled great, and the strength in his arms as they held me to him made me feel safe.

    In that moment all my worries disappeared. I felt the traitorous compulsion to open my mouth and whisper those three little words.

    “You ready to go?” Claudia’s loud question stopped me in the nick of time.

    Pulling reluctantly out of Jake’s hold, I said, “Wish me luck.”

    “You don’t need it.” He brushed my cheek with his thumb. “Thanks for doing this for me. It means a lot.”

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