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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(11) by Samantha Young
  • “They’ll come around,” he promised, his voice soothing. “They’re Redfords. They don’t know how to be anything but cool.”

    I slid my arms over his. “I hope that’s true.” I turned around, dipping my head back to look into Jake’s soulful eyes. “I’m fighting between being hurt that they can’t trust me about this and really grateful they care enough to be mad at me.”

    Without me having to say so, Jake knew I was thinking about Claudia and her parents’ neglect. “Yeah, I get it. Maybe, though, you should tell them you’re hurt rather than blowing up at them.”

    Wrinkling my nose, I looked away sheepishly. “You caught that?”

    “Yup. You do that last night too?”


    “It’s that fire in your blood,” he grinned wickedly. “I do love it but sometimes it gets you into trouble—and not the good kind.” Jake grabbed my hand and led me back toward our table.

    “There’s a good kind of trouble?”

    He lifted my bag and held it out to me, a sexy glint in his eyes. “Why don’t we go back to my place and find out?”

    And just like that, Jake lifted me out of the bleakness, if only for a moment. Yeah, I had high hopes he was worth it, all right. I giggled, sliding my arm around his waist as he wrapped his around my shoulders. “I walked into that one.”

    The sight before us brought me to an abrupt halt. Jake stumbled into my back, catching my elbows to steady me.

    I grinned at the sight of Claudia and Lowe sitting at the guys’ kitchen table. So. My friend had decided to take my advice after all. “Hey.”

    Claudia caught my look and made a face. “I was supposed to be meeting Beck,” she explained. “But I’m guessing he tripped and fell inside another groupie because he isn’t here.”

    Lowe laughed, a deep, sexy sound. His eyes glittered in amusement and I felt a rush of anticipation at the thought of something happening between these two. So Claudia was too hung up on Beck to notice Lowe. That could change once they started hanging out more. I’d just have to make sure they had reason to spend time together. Alone.

    As if Jake read my mind, he pulled me against him and murmured in my ear, “No.”


    “You seem in a better mood.” I raised an eyebrow at Claud, ignoring Jake’s warning.

    She shook her head, giving me a little smile that said she wasn’t mad at my attempts at matchmaking. “I got that email I was waiting on.”

    “And?” I held my breath.

    Claudia’s eyes lit up. “It’s all good. I’ll tell you about it later.”

    Relief moved through me. I couldn’t be happier for Claudia that her real dad had gotten back in touch. I was curious to know what he’d said, but I knew it was something she was keeping private.

    And then an idea hit me.

    “You should go out for a drink. Relax about it now. Maybe Lowe could take you.”

    Jake gently nudged me toward the door with a huff of exasperation. “Charley and I will be in my room. Do not disturb.”

    “Too much information,” Lowe muttered into his coffee.

    “That’s your definition of too much information?” I heard Claudia say as I followed Jake down the hall. “You have a lot to learn.”

    “Was that an invitation?” he purred back.

    I shot Jake a triumphant look but he shook his head sternly and pulled me inside, locking the door behind us.

    He turned to me, completely serious. “Beck would lose it if anything happened between Claudia and Lowe.”

    “But you heard him.”

    “That’s just Lowe. He’d flirt with a houseplant. What he would not do is touch Claudia. He knows how Beck feels about her.”

    “You know, I’m starting not to care about Beck’s feelings when it comes to Claud. He’s messing with her. He doesn’t want to date her but he gets pissed when some other guy does. No. That does not fly in Charley World, Jake. I’ve advised Claudia to move on.”

    Jake gently pulled me close. “And you’re probably right. But don’t pit best friend against best friend.”

    Feeling bad, I played with a button on his shirt. “I’m sorry. That’s not cool, I know.”

    “Anyway, Lowe wouldn’t touch Claud.”

    “Why not?” I glowered. “She’s smart and funny and prettier than all his groupies put together.”

    I felt him shake with laughter. “Sheath the claws, sweetheart. I know your girl rocks but Lowe and Beck are tight. He wouldn’t do that to Beck, no matter how much of a dick Beck’s being.”

    “Uh, he did it to you with me when you were being a dick.”

    Jake tensed and I knew it was exactly the wrong thing to say. He released me and wandered toward his desk. Turning on his computer, he spoke without looking at me. “That was different. Lowe isn’t as tight with me as he is with Beck. And it was you.”

    I was almost afraid to ask. “What was me?”

    He gave me a sharp look. “Come on, you must know Lowe really likes you. You’re not just some girl to him.”

    “If you know Lowe likes me, why do you rub us in his face?”

    “I’m not.”

    “The comment about the teeth marks. The comment just now. ‘Do not disturb.’”

    “I’m just being me, I’m being us. I’m not going to stop being us. Plus, this way he’ll get over it quicker.”

    “You were definitely far more concerned about protecting Melissa’s feelings.”

    “That was different.” His face clouded at the mention of his ex. “Lowe wasn’t in a relationship with you. You didn’t tell each other you loved one another.”

    Realizing I was digging myself deeper into unstable territory, I tried to stumble out the way I came in. “I’m just saying, I think there’s animosity between you two I don’t understand.”

    “He tried to f**k you,” Jake snapped.

    My cheeks flushed. “I think you’ll find that it was a little more complicated than that. He’s a good guy. He was there for me. All I want is the same for Claudia.”

    Jake groaned and buried his head in hands. “Baby, I hear what you’re saying but please pick someone else. Not for my sake, not for Lowe’s sake, but for Beck’s.” He glanced over his shoulder at me. “He doesn’t get to hold her captive while he messes around with other girls. I get it. I do. Advise her to move on, cut him out, whatever… just don’t… He’s got his issues but me and The Stolen are his only real family. Lowe is like his brother. Don’t do anything to mess that up for him.”

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