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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(12) by Samantha Young
  • I softened. “You sure are giving me a lot of credit if you’re truly worried I could make something happen between Claudia and Lowe.”

    Suddenly looking very boyish, Jake said, “I believe you can do anything you put your mind to, Charley Redford. You’re a force to be reckoned with.”

    His words cast stillness over me, my eyes drinking in all that he was. “Totally worth it,” I murmured.


    I grinned. “Get on the bed. You just won bonus sex.”

    His low chuckle tickled me in all my good-for-nothing places as my sweater fell to the ground. Standing, Jake unbuttoned his shirt, his fingers stalling on one at the sound of a ringing coming from his computer. He frowned at the interruption and glanced down at the screen.

    “Shit, it’s my mom.” He hurriedly rebuttoned.

    “You’re going to answer it?”

    “I forgot I said I’d take her call tonight. If I don’t answer, she’ll keep calling.”

    “Crap!” I yanked my sweater on just in time.

    “Mom,” Jake greeted innocently into the camera.

    “Jake, sweetheart, how are you?”

    “Fantastic. Charley’s here.” He gestured for me to come to him.

    Even though Jake said his family was cool about us being back together, after the chat with mine, butterflies invaded my belly as I walked slowly to the screen. Jake’s mom hadn’t changed an iota since I last saw her almost four years ago.

    “Hi, Mrs. Caplin.”

    Her eyes lit up. “Charley, it’s so good to see you. I was so happy when Jake told me you two were back together.”

    My butterflies slowly abated at her sincerity. “Good to see you too. How are you?”

    “I’m well, sweetheart, thank you. And you? You’re even prettier than I remember. Your hair is so much lighter. I like it. How are Jim and Delia? Are they well? How are the florist and the auto shop?”

    “Mom, slow down.” Jake laughed as he pulled me onto his lap. “I just got her back. Don’t scare her away with the Spanish Inquisition.”

    “I know, I’m sorry.” She grinned unrepentantly. It reminded me of her son. “I can’t wait for you both to get back here. You have to come to Chicago, Charley. Stay the weekend. We’ll have a big family dinner. I know Lukas is looking forward to seeing you again.”

    I relaxed deeper into Jake, the stress of my parents’ disapproval eased under the warmth of Jake’s mother’s acceptance. “I would love that, Mrs. C.”

    Chapter Five

    After Claudia’s “asshole” outburst at The Brewhouse I chased after her. When I caught up to her she was hurrying down the street with the invisible smoke of her fiery rage pouring out of her.

    “What happened?” I asked as I shoved her purse at her.

    She snatched it off me, her nostrils flaring. “You first,” she snapped.

    So I told her what had gone down between Jake and me. The resultant glower of her disapproval was nothing new. “And was he cool with that?”

    I shrugged, not knowing what was going on with him. “I think so. It was weird. He wants to be friends.”

    “Yeah, because that worked out so great for you last time. He didn’t put up more of a fight?”

    “He was angry… but no.”

    “That doesn’t make sense.”

    Face carefully blank, I said, “We’ve both hurt each other. Maybe he gets that we don’t work.”

    I received a grunt in response.

    “So that ass**le thing? What did Beck say?”

    She started fuming again. “It’s like he just assumed I was going to fall all over him.”

    “What did he say?”

    “He said, and I quote, ‘This ignoring me shit? I’m done with it. You made your point but life is short, babe, and I want to spend what time I’ve got with you. I missed you like crazy this summer.’”

    I knew it would be wrong of me to say I actually thought that was kind of sweet so I kept my trap shut and listened to her tirade continue.

    “And I said ‘until you get bored with me and end up nailing your groupies again.’ And he said, ‘I’m never going to get bored of you.’ Pfft!” she made a face. “So I said ‘Yeah, well, I’m bored of this conversation.’ I told him I didn’t trust him. I told him I want a guy who loves me enough to put his own bullshit aside. I said he blew it.”

    “What did he say?” I was almost too afraid to ask. This confrontation between Beck and Claudia had been a long time coming. It didn’t surprise me that it had ended the way it had.

    Claudia’s face fell, and her voice lowered as she replied, “He said that he was sorry and he wanted a second chance… a second chance to prove how he felt about me. A second chance to make me feel as special as I am.”

    “That all sounds… good?”

    “I told him it was all just bullshit words, and I know how good he is at lying to get what he wants.”


    “Oh, he was pissed. He said he’d always tried to treat me with care and that I should trust him. I said I didn’t. He said I was being impossible. I said, ‘Screw you, I’m moving on,’ to which he replied, ‘If you actually took a chance and screwed me, babe, the only moving on you’d be doing is with me. Forever.’ So I called him an ass**le and got out of there.”

    I was silent a moment before peeking at my friend out of the corner of my eye. “You were equally turned on as you were pissed, though, right?”

    “So turned on I could kill him,” she snapped. “Arrogant ass**le.”

    We didn’t say anything else on the subject and two weeks later we still hadn’t discussed it further. We hadn’t talked about any part of that night. I hadn’t heard from Jake and I was trying not to think about that. I threw myself into my work and sometimes it helped. That’s why, while I laid on my stomach in our living room, surrounded by papers and textbooks, I nearly came out of my skin when my phone rang and it was Jake calling.

    I could’ve ignored it but without really thinking about it, I answered and closed my eyes at the sound of his deep, rich voice on the other end of the line. He asked me how I was. I said I was fine. Studying a lot. And also that the apartment smelled of homemade soup all the time because Claudia was experimenting in the kitchen.

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