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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(19) by Samantha Young
  • “It wasn’t about lecturing you, Charley.” Dad leaned back in his seat, his expression grave. “It was about being a parent who’s worried about his kid and not being able to think about anything else until I saw for myself she was okay.”

    Tears burned the back of my eyes. “Dad,” I mumbled, blinking rapidly.

    “I still don’t like Jake, but I’ve got to admit, I like everything he said in that apartment. I like how he sees you.” His face darkened. “But that doesn’t mean I accept him as part of your life. Just because the boy is good with words doesn’t change his past actions.”

    “Dad…” I tried to gather my patience. “Please, just give him a chance.”

    “I can’t promise that.” He shook his head stubbornly. “I’m just here to see my kid and try to convince her to do the right thing. Starting with calling Andie and apologizing.”

    “I can’t promise that.” I threw his words back at him. “I don’t think I should be the one apologizing.”

    Dad sighed. “And this from someone who wants me to treat her as an adult.”

    I closed my eyes, feeling my patience slipping. “Let’s just eat dinner,” I muttered. Seemed neither of us was willing to compromise. I’d just have to hope for some kind of miracle to happen while he was in Edinburgh. A miracle that would finally show Jake in a favorable light and bring my family on board with our relationship.

    I wasn’t holding my breath.

    Chapter Seven

    No matter how much I was willing myself to be unaffected, to be calm, I wasn’t. Bolstering my courage, I threw back my shoulders and prepared to reenter the common room where Jake had some redheaded sophomore hanging all over him.

    Instead of facing Jake, however, I walked smack bang into a hard chest.

    “There she is.” Beck wrapped his arms around me and I hugged him back. I felt his lips brush my ear. “Can you please talk to your best friend?”

    I pulled back, frowning. “Hi, Beck, it’s good to see you too, after six months, since the last time didn’t really count.”

    He blanched. “Sorry. It’s good to see you. It really is. I’m just a little distracted at the moment.” He glanced to his left, where Claudia stood laughing with Denver, Matt, and a couple of guys I didn’t recognize. “She won’t even look at me.”

    “Whatever you do, don’t start flirting with another girl.”

    It was his turn to frown. “Wasn’t planning on it. Any other suggestions?”

    I felt Lowe’s hand at my back. “Don’t put Charley in the middle, Beck. The middle is a f**ked-up place to be.”

    “I’m not. I’m just running out of ideas.”

    Honestly, it was frustrating watching two people who were supposed to be together mess it up so royally. I had a hard time keeping my nose out of it. But my nose tried.

    Beck searched my face as I stared back at him, steadfast in my stoicism. His eyes narrowed. “Is she really dating someone?”

    I shrugged.

    “Charley. Please.”


    A pained look crossed his gorgeous face. “Is it serious?”

    “She doesn’t talk about it.”

    “What does that mean exactly?”

    I shot a look Claudia’s way to make sure she wasn’t aware I was talking to Beck and about to betray the girl code. “It means when you see her on her own, stop her and make her listen.”

    “Just stop her and make her listen? I don’t know if you remember but last time that happened, I got verbally bitch-slapped in public.”

    “Yeah.” I smiled, remembering it. “But you also made your point and you got to her. She can’t not listen if you’re constantly there trying to talk to her.”

    “Valid point,” Lowe added.

    Beck smirked at us both, his eyes softening when they met mine. “Thanks, Charley.”

    “Just don’t tell her we had this conversation.”

    “Secret to the grave.”

    Just like that he disappeared stealthily into the crowds like a love ninja.

    Despite my own situation, I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m finding this side of Beck incredibly endearing.”

    Lowe snorted, guiding me farther into the room. “You don’t have to live with him.”

    I raised an eyebrow.

    “I love Claudia, I do, she’s a great girl, but brooding Beck is a pain in my ass. We already had Jake to put up with. Now there are two.”

    “Did I hear my name?”

    My shoulders tensed at the sound of Jake’s voice. My whole body tensed when I turned to find him standing before me. There was no redhead now, but the specter of her remained.

    Lowe’s fingers flexed on my lower back and I had to admit it was easier to deal with this crapshoot of a situation with him supporting me.

    “Hey.” Jake said. “It’s good to see you.”

    “Let’s find more beer.” I ignored him, turning my whole body into Lowe. “I definitely need more.”

    He shot Jake an unreadable look out of the corner of his eye. “Sure,” he said and we moved through the crowd, away from my ex and his stunned, hurt expression.

    Over the subsequent hour or so, I had a couple more beers, chatted with Matt and Denver, watched Beck stare broodingly at Claudia, witnessed Claudia bestow a beyond murderous look his way when he intercepted a cute guy trying to give her a drink, and then I started dancing with a strange guy. His name was Toby or Tony or Troy or something and he liked my hair.

    Something he told me a number of times before I said yes to a dance.

    All I really wanted was to forget everything. I didn’t want to acknowledge that I was aware of Jake every single minute of the evening. Jake was popular and every time I turned around, he was hanging out with someone new. We didn’t make eye contact once.

    It was like we were complete strangers.

    I was barely even aware of the fact that a slow song had come on, or that I was dancing in Toby/Tony/Troy’s arms when I heard Lowe say in voice that brooked no argument, “I’m cutting in.”

    Toby/Tony/Troy was forcefully removed from my vicinity and suddenly I was dancing with Lowe, except he’d pressed me back so I wasn’t smooshed up to him like I had been with my previous partner.

    “Problem, officer?”

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