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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(26) by Samantha Young
  • For some reason I believed Jake would patiently wait for my head to sort itself out.

    Jake had another idea in mind.

    It was a Thursday, just after midnight, and I’d just finished a paper. I was stepping out of the bathroom when I heard a key turn in the apartment door.

    Surprised, I watched as Jake stalked down the quiet, dark hallway toward me.

    The determination in his eyes made me gape at him wordlessly as he pushed past me and stalked into my room. “We need to talk.”

    I hurried inside after him, shutting the door behind us as he spun around to face me. “About what?”

    His answer was to close in on me quickly, his hands braced on the door on either side of my head so I was trapped. My heart accelerated, goosebumps prickling all over me at his proximity. “I’m done f**king around,” he said, his words almost dancing on my lips our mouths were so close. “I’ve had time to think. I made a mistake.” He pressed his body into mine and grinned triumphantly at the way my breath stuttered. I would’ve punched him for his arrogance if I weren’t completely turned on. “My mistake has been my patience. Now I’m done. I should’ve tied you to your bed until your stubborn ass was ready to admit it.” Jake brushed a kiss across my jaw and I shivered. “You love me,” he whispered hoarsely in my ear, before pulling back to watch my reaction.

    I was surprised. Uncertain. Maybe scared.

    But I also wanted him.

    I always wanted him.

    “I know you love me,” Jake persisted. “I need you to admit it so we can put all this shit behind us and start over.”

    I felt a surge of annoyance at him taking the situation out of my hands. “Bossy Jake is back, I see.”

    “He never left. He’s just been walking on eggshells for the past few months, scared of losing you.”

    “You… scared? Puhlease,” I teased, trying to shift onto easier ground as a last-ditch effort to pull back from the destination he was forcing me toward.

    “Will you stop jerking around and tell me you love me?” he growled back.

    “You can’t push me to say it!”

    “Why are you being such a prima donna? I know you feel it.”

    “You don’t know that!” I yelled, pressing my hands to his chest again, trying to move him away.

    Jake stood his ground. “I guess…” He rested all his weight into my hands, until they were flattened between his chest and mine. Our noses touched. “I guess I’ll just have to f**k it out of you. I’m okay with that.”

    Holy… “Ja—” My protest was silenced by his mouth.

    He groaned as I instantly melted for him. I couldn’t help myself. I was exhausted fighting what I felt, and I no longer knew why I was fighting.

    Giving in tasted sweeter.

    His kiss was hard, punishing almost, but I gave as good as I got. I ran my fingers roughly through his hair, pressing my body close to his. He wrapped his arms around me, tightening his hold until there was no space at all between us.

    He slid his hand down my back, his fingers slipping inside my panties. He gripped my bare ass in his hand, pulling me into his erection. I gasped into his mouth and followed his lead, holding onto him as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He lifted me easily, seeming to relish my heated response.

    He pulled back from our kiss. “Tell me you love me,” he whispered, his eyes searing.

    I blinked through a haze of lust, my fingers tightening in his hair as my gaze searched his. “You don’t play fair,” I muttered.

    “I learned from the best.”

    Giving him a small smile, I trembled at the sound of the blood whooshing in my ears. “I’m scared, Jake.”

    Jake took a few steps until he found the bed. He slowly lowered himself onto it, taking me with so I straddled him. He stroked my back in comfort. “Baby, I’m scared too. But I’m more scared of f**king this up because we can’t get over the past.”

    He watched me struggle with my decision and I could see the mounting anxiety in his eyes. Knowing the time for stubbornness was over, I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against his. “You have to promise you won’t walk out on me again. Ever.”

    His hold on my hips tightened. “I promise.”

    Hearing the absolution of his vow, I leaned back to stare into his face. Tenderness, need, want, affection, adoration… it all moved through me. Gently, I caressed his jaw, my fingers coasting, drawing faint patterns in his skin. When my eyes met his again, everything I felt flooded out of me and I watched him suck in his breath.

    “I’ve never stopped loving you,” I told him quietly. “When I saw you at the party last semester… it hurt, Jake. I’ve never been so hurt.”


    “I need you to know this because I’m deciding to trust you again.”

    He nodded, waiting.

    “I will never love anyone the way I love you. You’re part of me. You make me feel like I can be anyone, do anything… but you also have the ability to make me feel weak. You have the ability to crush me like no one else can. I don’t like that part of myself, Jake, and I hate that you can do that to me.”

    His breathing sounded a little uneven as he whispered back, “You make me feel the same way.”

    Leaning close, my lips an inch from his, my eyes blazing, I uttered darkly, “Good. I need to know that we’re on equal footing here.”

    In answer Jake caught my lips with his, drawing me into a deep, drugging kiss. He pulled back, jerking down the zipper on his jeans as he told me in a voice thick with need, “We love each other so we can hurt each other, but I’m making a promise,” he tugged down my panties and I lifted myself up to help, “to do everything I can not to hurt you again. I want that promise from you.”

    I settled back over him, my uneven breathing seeming to spur him on, making him hotter and harder as his dick brushed between my legs. I bit back a moan, nodding. “I promise,” I whimpered. “Jake, I promise. I love you.”

    He closed his eyes for a moment, appearing to savor it. “Say it again.”

    My breath whispered across his ear. “I love you, Jacob Caplin.”

    And just like that, his control snapped. He gripped me by the nape, holding me still for his rough, desperate kiss. With his other hand, he guided himself to my entrance. He then took hold of my hip and thrust up into my wet, tight heat. We gasped into each other’s mouths, our sexual chemistry, chemistry we’d never had and would never find with anyone else, overwhelming us.

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