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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(32) by Samantha Young
  • “Fine. If that’s what you want.” I pulled on a light cardigan over my thin tee, not knowing how chilly it might get. “Things are still bad. And Andie and I still haven’t spoken. We’ve never been this angry at each other or for so long.” I rubbed a hand over my chest unconsciously, right over the spot where I ached every time I thought of the discord between my sister and me.

    “And the cop thing?”

    I grimaced. “We’re still butting heads. I told them I’m not taking the LSATs.”

    “That’s pretty much taking a stand.” Claudia grinned. “I’m proud of you for going for what you want.”

    “It’s like this huge weight off my shoulders, I can’t even explain. I mean, can you imagine? In the end I would’ve made a terrible lawyer.”

    “Actually, I can imagine you as a litigator. It’s all about championing someone. Or prosecuting a bad guy. That’s you through and through. Why am I taking the LSATs again?”

    I made a face. I had no idea why Claudia was sitting the LSATs but that was a conversation for another time. “Being a lawyer is stuffy suits and papers, and I’m more of a polyester-uniform-and-action girl.”

    Claudia snorted. “Okay, true.”

    The knock at our hotel door made me grin. Claudia smirked. “What?” I asked as I strode toward the door.

    “Nothing.” She laughed lightly. “I’ve just never seen you like this.”

    “Like what?”

    “All giddy and loved up. It’s cute.”

    I know she said it to annoy me so I didn’t give her the satisfaction. Instead I opened the door to reveal my gorgeous boyfriend and his sexy best friend, and I grinned, refusing to give up the giddy. “Hey, handsome.”

    “Hey, yourself.” Beck flashed me a wicked smile before brushing past into the room. His low-lidded eyes swept over Claudia. “Lookin’ good, babe. How you feeling?”

    “Like I don’t want to talk about my father tonight.” She grabbed her purse and looped her arm through Beck’s. “Let’s just have fun.”

    Jake wrapped his arm around my waist, and I leaned into him as he gave me a smoldering look. “I can do fun.”

    “Mmm,” I agreed, standing up on tiptoes to press a soft kiss to his lips.

    “And of course we have to put up with these two,” Claudia remarked behind us. “We may need vomit breaks.”

    “Oh yeah,” Beck said dryly.

    Jake and I ignored them.

    “I can’t believe we’re in Spain and we’re eating at the Hard Rock,” Claudia said loudly over the music, making a face.

    I laughed, not at all put out. Frankly, I was looking forward to my cheeseburger and fries.

    We’d stepped out of the hotel and started walking east, only to discover the Hard Rock Café on the plaza.

    Claudia had shaken her head at our pleading eyes. “No, I want to explore.”

    “We’ll explore once we’re fed.” I’d grabbed her wrist and pulled her inside the café.

    “Could we be any more American right now?” she said before taking a feisty bite out of an onion ring.

    “I like it.” I leaned back against the diner-style seat and Jake draped his arm across my shoulders. “I’m starting to get a little homesick.”

    “Me too,” Beck said as he watched Claudia chew petulantly. It was so clear from the soft look on his face that he thought everything she did was adorable.

    Stubborn ass.

    “Well, only seven weeks until we’re back home,” Jake reminded us.

    “And then we have all summer.” I grinned. “I wonder what we could get up to.”

    “If I’m going on tour with these creeps,” Claudia gestured to Beck, “you’re coming too.”

    “Uh-uh, no way.” And I meant it. “I’m spending time with my family and Jake this summer, not parading from state to state as a roadie. Close quarters with Matt? I don’t think so.”

    Jake snorted. “I don’t blame you.”

    Claud glowered at me. “But you said I should go.”

    “And so you should.” I laughed at the horrified look on her face. “You’ll have Beck and Lowe. And Denver’s not entirely terrible.”

    “I don’t think that makes up for close quarters with Matt.”

    Beck laughed. “She may have a point.”

    I chuckled at the way Claudia’s eyes bugged out.

    “All right, I’m definitely not going now.” She pinched her lips tight and shook her head.

    “I think you’re all underestimating Matt,” I said, trying not to laugh and ruin my defense of him. “I think underneath the frat-boy attitude is a nice, misunderstood young man with awkward social skills. Who knows, Claudia… maybe the one has been under your nose the whole time.”

    “Matt? The one? He once asked me if I was shaved.”

    “He did what?” Beck looked at her sharply, his tone not at all happy.

    Jake and I exchanged a knowing look.

    Claudia shifted uncomfortably under Beck’s direct stare. “He was really drunk and being more of an idiot than usual. He did apologize later…” Her voice trailed off at the gathering thunderclouds in Beck’s eyes.

    He finally lifted his angry gaze to look at Jake across the table. “Can you believe that dick? What’s the matter with him?”

    “You know Matt,” Jake treaded carefully. “He says shit without thinking.”

    “Yeah, well, I think he and I need to have a talk.”

    “Beck, don’t.” Claudia scowled at him. “It’s no big deal. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

    “He crossed the line.”

    “Yes, and he apologized,” I reiterated for Claud. “And don’t pretend you haven’t done ass**ley things when you’ve been drunk.”

    Beck grunted.

    It was time for a subject change. “I was just telling Claudia I told my parents that I’m not taking the LSATs.” I glanced at Jake for his reaction.

    His eyes lit up with affection. “Proud of you, baby.”

    “Did they hit the roof?” Beck asked.

    “They’re not happy, but I think they realize they’re not going to win this one.”

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