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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(35) by Samantha Young
  • “I like it.”

    “We’ll see how long it lasts.”

    Laughing at her, I followed as she crossed the street toward the café. Jake caught sight of us and when our eyes met, I felt our connection zing through me as always. I raised an eyebrow, nodding my head toward the girl next to him, but I wore a smile so he’d know I wasn’t mad. Anymore.

    He shrugged and then tapped Beck on the arm. Beck looked over, his eyes instantly moving to Claudia. He straightened in his chair. Jake turned to the girls and said something. Whatever it was, it had them looking over at us walking toward them. The girls gave us curious looks but got out of our seats, waving flirty goodbyes to our boys.

    A few seconds later, we rounded the table and as soon as my ass was in the chair, Jake wrapped his hand around my neck and pulled me in for a slow, sweet kiss. I smiled softly as I pulled back. “Good morning to you too.”

    “Soooo…” Claudia drawled, relaxing back in her chair. “This is what you guys do with your time when we’re not around. Flirt with gorgeous Spanish girls? It’s a little unfair. If we’d known, we would’ve taken up with those two hot guys on mopeds who asked us if we wanted a private tour of the city.”

    I looked at her with both eyebrows raised.

    She smirked. “Guess it didn’t last long,” she said, referring to her wisdom and maturity.

    I laughed, shaking my head. When I looked at Jake, he had an annoyed furrow between his brows. “Guys? Mopeds?”

    I shoved him playfully. “Claudia’s lying.”

    I thought his expression would clear but now Jake looked worried. “The girls just came over. We didn’t invite them to sit.”

    “You are so whipped,” Beck muttered, reaching for a glass of cold orange juice.

    Unamused, I glared at him. “Jake’s dating me. I’m freaking awesome. I love him and he’s getting it regularly and it is mind-blowing. Even if he is whipped, he’s sitting a lot prettier than you right now.”

    Jake and Claudia burst out laughing and Beck smirked, his eyes filled with mirth as they met Jake’s. Jake pulled my chair closer and I turned to find his face inches from mine. His eyes danced happily. “You’re wrong. You’re not freaking awesome. You’re freaking phenomenal.” He brushed his nose alongside mine. “About that getting-it-regularly thing,” he whispered against my mouth, “I miss you.”

    I missed him too. We hadn’t slept together since we’d gotten to Barcelona. Three nights might not sound like a lot but they were a lot after having slept with each other every single night in the past few weeks.

    “You know what I’m thinking,” Claudia said loudly, bringing our attention back to her. She was smiling at Beck. “I’m thinking you and I should spend the day together. Leave these two to be all icky and in love. I could do with a breather. It’s nauseating.”

    I knew she was teasing but that sounded like an amazing idea.

    Beck grinned back at her. “You’re on.”

    “I’m good with that,” Jake murmured in my ear.

    A shiver rippled down my spine and I felt my body respond to the promise in his voice.

    Suffice it to say, we shoveled down a light breakfast with Claudia and Beck and said a hasty goodbye. Jake practically dragged me by the hand all the way back to the hotel. When the elevator doors shut, he was on me, pressing me against the wall, kissing me voraciously, like he couldn’t get enough.

    I panted as he hurried out of the elevator and along the corridor to my room. We got the door clicked open and shut and Jake yanked off my tank top and quickly pulled his own shirt off. I unbuttoned my shorts and shimmied out of them as Jake divested his jeans and then I was in his arms again, sprawling over him as he took us to the nearest bed.

    Jake groaned as my searching hands found him hot and hard. He kissed me as I touched him, sliding his hands around to unclip my bra. He pulled back as it fell away from my chest and he whispered, smirking, “We have such good friends.”

    I laughed in agreement, the sound soon swallowed up in his hot, deep kiss.

    “I told you, I’m not going.” I shook my head stubbornly and stared at the posters and street art lining the sidewalk.

    Jake laughed. “It’s not in use. They don’t do that anymore.”

    “I’m not going to La Monumental and that’s that.” I shot him a warning look and he gave a huff of incredulous laughter but shut up.

    It was day five. Claudia had left us an hour ago to go see Dustin again and Beck had decided to give Jake and I some alone time. Honestly, I think he was just sick of our honeymoon phase. While Beck was happily wandering the streets of Barcelona by himself—or not by himself, as I knew how easy it was for him to pick up random girls on his travels—Jake and I wandered the streets of Barcelona in the opposite direction.

    We’d wandered about half an hour northeast of the hotel and were closing in on the famous bullring, La Monumental. Jake was right. The bullring hadn’t been used as such since 2011 after Catalonia banned bullfighting, but still, I hated the idea of it all and wasn’t interested in seeing the place.

    “You are so obstinate,” Jake said, throwing me a small smile so I’d know he wasn’t irritated.

    “You bet your ass I am.” I flashed him a cheeky grin. “Good luck with that, by the way.”

    “You’re lucky I like my women stubborn.”

    “Your women?” I snorted. “Am I part of your harem?”

    He pulled a face. “What? You thought you were the only one who appreciates all my fineness?”

    “Are you taking lessons from Matt on how to talk to women now?” I chuckled, taking a hold of his hand to move him away from the touristy stuff for sale on the sidewalks.

    “I think his technique is flawless,” Jake replied deadpan. “Every day my man crush grows stronger.”

    Remembering Beck’s reaction to Matt’s “technique” with Claudia, I winced. “I think he might be in trouble with Beck when we get back to Edinburgh. That guy is… I have no words. He’s so overprotective and possessive. Such an oblivious tool.”

    Jake cleared his throat. “Actually…”

    I stopped in the middle of the street, tugging on his hand so he’d stop avoiding eye contact. “Actually?”

    He shrugged. “Nothing. I just… I think Beck is more aware of how he feels for Claudia than you realize. He’s got his demons. But he cares about her and I think he’s maybe coming around.”

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