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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(43) by Samantha Young
  • “Sure thing, Ty,” Jay said and I watched in amusement as he pushed the guy beside him, and like a set of dominoes they forced everyone down a spot until the stool in front of me was open.

    I slid on it and smiled gratefully at Ty the bartender. “Thanks.”

    Ty grinned and I had to admit, I took some comfort and pleasure in the appreciative look in his eyes. “No need. I wanted something prettier to look at than Jay.”

    I laughed. “Well, thanks anyway.”

    “So what can I get you?”

    I tilted my head in thought, the blood rushing in my ears at the thought of what was going on behind me. “A time machine?”

    Ty chuckled. “You think I had one of those, I’d be working here?”

    “Oh? What would you use it for?”

    “Ah, well, that would be telling. What would you use it for?”

    I shrugged. “Lots of things.”

    He leaned across the bar, his eyes drinking in my every feature. “You’re telling me someone like you has regrets?”

    “Someone like me? What do you know about someone like me?”

    His response was a slow, wicked grin that I had to admit penetrated my sadness and jealousy just a little. “I’ll be right back.” He strode down the bar to help his colleague and I checked him out from the back. Very nice.

    True to his word, Ty came back after a minute or so, opened a beer, and planted it in front of me. “On the house.”

    I picked it up with a smirk. “And what does a filly have to do for that around here?”

    He threw his head back and laughed. “A filly? Really?”

    I grinned back at him.

    Mirth still bright in his eyes, he shook his head. “Nothing. I promise. Except maybe stop looking so sad. You are far too pretty to be so sad.”

    I tipped the bottle head in his direction and avoided his compliment with a casual, “Thanks for the beer.”

    “What’s your name?”


    He leaned on the bar again. “It suits you. Charley, I’m Ty.”

    “You have a nice city here, Ty.”

    “Thank you.” His expression turned curious. “What brings you to us, Charley?”

    I shook my head. “Uh-uh. Too depressing.”

    “Okay.” His brow wrinkled in thought. “Where are you from?”

    I shook my head again. “You could be a serial killer. The less information I give you, the less chance of you finding me to serial kill me.”

    Ty chuckled and as our eyes locked, I didn’t feel the sizzle I should have. I was too busy wondering if Jake had noticed I was talking to this guy or if he was too busy getting his flirt on with the beautiful brunette to give a shit what I was up to.

    “Ah, suspicious and overly cautious. Let me guess—law student.”

    Wow, impressive. “You’ve really honed those people-reading skills bartenders are known for, huh.”

    “That or I’m psychic.” He glanced behind me. “For instance, you were or are in a relationship with the tall guy in the Pearl Jam T-shirt over by the pool table.”

    My muscles tensed. “Is he looking over?”

    “Mmm-hmm. And attempting to fry my ass with his eyes.”

    “Where’s the gorgeous girl in the cowboy boots?”

    “Leanne?” he smirked. “Your friend stopped talking to her the minute he saw me talking to you.”

    I sat on that a moment and then sighed. “Ex-boyfriend. Awkward road trip.”

    Ty met my eyes again. “He looks pretty furious. But I’m up for pissing him off even more if you like.” His eyes lowered to my lips.

    With a dry chuckle, I said, “As much as I love the idea of kissing a random bartender, especially a cute one, I’m the one who broke his heart so I don’t think I’ll be doing anything to hurt him any more than I already have.”

    Ty gave me a good-natured smile as he straightened up away from the counter. “Well, if you change your mind, I get off at one.”

    My expression said we both knew I wasn’t going to be there when he got off work and then I slipped from the stool and braced myself to return to my friends.

    As soon as I saw Jake’s face, I knew Ty was right.

    He was furious.

    And hurt.

    I suddenly felt sick again.

    My eyes flew to Claudia and Beck and I flinched at the uneasiness pouring off them. Thankfully, there was no recrimination in their faces—it wouldn’t be fair for them to be angry at me for talking with the bartender when Jake had been flirting with cowboy-boots girl.

    Speaking of… I glanced around the bar until I found the brunette over by the jukebox with a few friends. Her gaze was locked on Jake. I only just managed not to curl my lip into a growl of territorialism.

    “Who’s winning?” I attempted to ask nonchalantly as I stopped beside Jake at the pool table.

    “Seriously?” he snapped.

    When I wouldn’t look at him, Jake crowded me against the table so I had no choice but to acknowledge him. I stared up at him, my face perfectly blank so he wouldn’t realize how off balance he was making me.

    “What are you trying to do to me?” he said, anguished.

    “Jake, man,” I heard Beck say softly. “Maybe this should wait.”

    “I’m sick and tired of waiting,” he said. He gently took hold of my arm and started to pull me away from the table. “We need to talk.”

    “Jake.” I tugged out of his hold, drawing us to a standstill. He glowered back at me and I returned the look. “Don’t you dare try to haul me out of here.”

    “We’re going to hash this shit out once and for all and if I have to throw you over my shoulders, I will.”

    “Is there a problem here?”

    Oh shit.

    Ty had come out from behind the bar and now we had an audience.

    Jake stood in front of me, blocking Ty’s view. “This is none of your business. She is none of your business.”

    “Jake.” I tugged on his shirt, outraged by this behavior. “Stop acting like a Neanderthal.”

    “I’m pissed off,” he snarled, looking over his shoulder at me with fire in his eyes.

    “Well, I’m pissed off too!” I yelled back.

    “Maybe you could take being pissed off outside,” Ty suggested.

    “No problem,” Jake said as he grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the exit.

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