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  • Out of the Shallows(Into the Deep #2)(59) by Samantha Young
  • Finally, I guess he decided I was because he walked slowly over to me, stopping to tower above me. I craned my neck to keep my eyes on his gorgeous face.

    I love you so much.

    His eyes flared at the unspoken sentiment. “What are you doing here?” he asked breathlessly.

    I shrugged, a small smile playing on my lips as I used nonchalance to cover my nerves. “Looking for a boy.”

    Jake’s mouth twitched at that and I felt hope bubble inside me. “That so?”

    “Yes. Chased him clear across an ocean. Luckily, I sleep like a baby on a plane.”

    Jake scratched his chin in thought. “That’s a long way to come for a guy.”

    I shrugged again. “He’s worth the air miles.”

    This time Jake gave a huff of laughter before his expression turned searing with gravity. “I guess this means you came to find me?”

    “Yes,” I answered, remembering his words from months before.

    “Go home and find yourself. Take all the time you need. And when you’re done and if you still want me, come and find me.”

    Tears filled my eyes.

    He saw. “What are you going to do now that you found me?”

    “Keep you.”

    He sucked in his breath, like I’d knocked the wind out of him. After a moment of staring at me with his chocolaty-brown, soulful eyes, Jake looked over his shoulder at the elevator. When he turned back to me, I saw all the love in the world on his face. “I was on my way out, but now I’m thinking I really need to take you up to my room.”

    My pulse raced so hard. “That sounds great.”

    “I take you up there, though, you’ve got to promise me it’s forever. And mean it this time.”

    I crossed my heart. “Forever.”

    We stared at each other a long moment. The blood whooshed in my ears as everything stopped….

    Until Jake held his hand out for mine.


    The Tent was packed with people who’d come out to hear The Stolen. I glanced curiously at all those faces, knowing somewhere in the crowd was an A & R executive from a major record label.

    The Tent was a rock club in Chicago’s South Side and to just be playing it was a huge deal for the guys. To have a talent scout in the audience, an even bigger deal.

    A rumble of husky laughter met my ears before warm lips brushed my neck and a strong arm slid around my waist. I turned to look up into Jake’s handsome face.

    “Claudia’s a wreck,” he said loudly. “I left her with Beck backstage.”

    “She wants this for him.” I hugged him close. “And you know how concerned he is.”

    Jake didn’t look concerned at all. “I told him if the band gets signed and it starts taking its toll on his and Claudia’s relationship, he walks away from the band. Easy solution.”

    I frowned. “And you’re sure the guys are all okay with that?”

    He shrugged. “They’re his boys.”

    I gave a little huff of laughter. “It’s that simple?”

    “With these guys, yeah.”

    “Wow. I’m impressed. It’s all very mature.” I made a face. “Are you sure Matt was involved in that decision-making?”

    Jake smirked. “Yes. But with Matt, it’s more a case of being laid-back rather than mature and understanding.”

    I grinned. “Yeah, that makes more sense.”

    Before Jake could respond, the lights dimmed and the guys doing the sound check on stage quickly shuffled off. The crowd grew quiet.

    The Stolen walked onstage and the noise exploded, people clapping, yelling, and whistling. I’d watched the guys perform more times than I could count, but the atmosphere was different tonight. There were at least a couple hundred people here—their biggest crowd yet. Along with that was the air of electricity, anticipation, and expectation.

    This could be the beginning of everything for The Stolen.

    Lowe stepped up to the mic and gave the trademark smirk that was sure to cause millions of women all over the world to fall in love with him if/when the band hit the big time.

    Denver started the rhythm on the drums and the guys soon followed as Lowe sang in his deep, husky melodious voice. The crowd surged forward around the stage and the electricity in the room went full power.

    Throughout the set, I’d shoot looks at Jake as he stood singing along to his best friends’ songs. He was proud of them. We both were.

    An hour later they finished out the set with my favorite, “Lonely Boy.”

    The crowds cheered and whistled and catcalled at the guys as soon as the song ended. I watched Beck and Lowe share a grin, shaking their heads in disbelief at the atmosphere they’d created tonight. Lowe turned back to the mic and gave a small salute to the crowd. “You’ve been listening to The Stolen. Thanks and have a good night.”

    They began to make their way off stage to the chants for more. Jake grabbed my hand and tugged. “Backstage,” he mouthed. I nodded and held on tight as he maneuvered us through the crowd so we could congratulate the guys. I put a hand behind my back, fingers crossed, hoping that when we got there, the A & R executive would’ve beaten us to it.

    I gasped into Jake’s mouth as he rocked inside me.

    “You there?” he panted, the muscles in his arms flexing.

    He had my hands pinned at the sides of my head as a deterrent to my impatience. Jake liked making lazy love to me in the mornings, and I had a tendency to turn things a little wild. He’d taken to holding me down, which was seriously hot.

    I gripped his hips with my thighs, lifting my hips into his slow thrust. “Almost,” I said breathlessly. “Harder, Jake.”

    He gritted his teeth and shook his head as he continued on his determined torture. It was worth it. The drawn-out building of tension toward orgasm only made my climax that much sweeter and longer.

    I shattered, and my inner muscles clenched around Jake, expelling his own orgasm from him. He gave a muffled yell, his grip on my hands momentarily tightening.

    And then he collapsed over me, his warm breath puffing against my neck as his hands loosened their hold. Free, I wrapped my arms around his sweat-slickened back and gripped his waist with my thighs. “Good morning to you too,” I laughed, my voice a little husky from having yelled and clapped for the band last night. Not to mention the yelling and celebrating we did afterward when the A & R exec told the guys he was impressed and he’d be in touch to set up a time to chat.

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