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  • River Cast(The Tale of Lunarmorte #2)(7) by Samantha Young
  • This was it. This was where he might lose whatever hold he had on Caia.

    “We’re here,” she said quietly, her small hand reaching out to grab a hold of the gold door handle under the sign that said Out of Order.

    “Yeah.” He took a deep breath, running his hand through his hair, readying himself. Her green eyes looked up into his. Should I? she seemed to ask. His answer was a brief, stoic nod.

    This was about more than them. That had been their problem from the start.

    The door swung open and he followed as Caia tentatively entered the barren space. The mirrors were attached to the back wall just as Marion had said they would be. Lucien shut the door behind them and walked as quietly as he could to where Caia now stood facing the first pane of mirror.

    She blew air out between her lips. “This is it.”


    “Take my hand.”

    He reached for her and they clasped hands, and slowly, almost as if she had gone into slow motion, she reached a slender arm out towards the pane. He saw her hand tremble, and he squeezed the one enfolded in his own. At that she seemed to shrug herself into action, and she laid her wide-open palm against the mirror. The atmosphere in the room charged and the air pressure changed. It was almost as if they had climbed up too high. The floorboards beneath their feet creaked and shifted, and Lucien grabbed tighter on to Caia. And then his eyes widened in amazement as the mirror turned to liquid under Caia’s touch, her entire hand sinking through the mercury mass. She looked back up at him, smiling in astonishment and excitement, all her nerves seeming to have disappeared.

    “Are you ready?” She grinned, the dimple in her cheek flashing invitingly.

    How could he say no?

    He smiled back at her. “After you.”

    It felt like cold gel sliding and clinging to his skin as he walked through the pane. He could no longer see Caia, there was only darkness, but he could feel her hand still clasped warmly in his. The gel-like feeling disappeared, and as he kept walking the darkness began to dissipate to white light. He stopped, blinking as the light glared brighter, bringing his arm up to shield his eyes from the intrusion.

    “Lucien,” he heard Caia whisper.

    Cautiously he brought his arm back down and blinked open his eyes.


    They stood in an enormous space. In front of them were a couple of security gates and three guards. It wasn’t hard to guess that they were all warlocks trained in defensive magik. Beyond the gates was a huge reception area, there was even a cute receptionist behind the circular desk. And behind the desk to the right of the foyer were floor to ceiling windows that curved along the right side of the building instead of steel and brick.

    “Oh my...” Caia breathed and he echoed the sentiment as he realized they were looking out on to water, and beyond that a beautiful cityscape. And towering behind the bridges and stunning architecture was the top of the Eiffel tower.

    “You made it.”

    They both turned sharply to see Marion, grinning like a child as she sidestepped the security gates, gliding towards them.

    “Paris?” Caia shook her head in amazement.

    Lucien watched as her mentor smiled smugly. “The River Seine to be exact.”

    “Wait.” His stunned gaze flew to the windows. “We’re on the River Seine?”

    Marion chuckled. “Compliments of two of our finest magiks. An earth and air magik worked together to create the Center in another plane that exists within Paris. We can see them.” She pointed to the outside world. “But they can’t see us.”


    Lucien nodded. “You said it.”

    “Well, I’m so glad you made it.” Marion was grinning again as she grabbed a hold of Caia’s elbow and started dragging her through the reception. “First things first, introduce you to Marita and Vanne, and then to your rooms. And then in the morning I’m going to introduce you to another water magik I picked out for you, Mordecai. He shows amazing promise. Mordecai will show you around the classes I want you to take part in while you’re here. Communication spells, martial arts, water element lectures, glamour class, natural materialization... Oh, and we have altars to all the individual gods here. I’m sure you would like to see Artemis and Gaia’s. Oooh maybe...”

    Lucien trailed at the back of them, his eyes drinking in their modern yet rich surroundings, his ears taking in all the excitement Marion had planned for Caia. He smiled gently as Caia glanced back at him, her eyes wide with the exhilaration of being somewhere she could really try out her magik. With that quick glance she turned back to listen to Marion, leaving Lucien behind.

    And that was exactly what he was afraid of.

    5 - Sizing Up

    The witch and warlock that stood before her were not exactly what she had been expecting.

    Throughout Marion’s chatter Caia had been completely aware of her and Lucien’s surroundings as they entered a large elevator near the rear of the massive reception area they had passed through. The back wall had three elevators, and Marion led them to the middle elevator that needed a security code to open it. As soon as the doors glided smoothly open, Caia could see why. She was guessing this was the ‘presidential elevator’, clad in mahogany and gold, sparkling clean mirrors reflecting three of each of them. Marion explained to them that this was indeed the only elevator to the Head of the Coven’s suite. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, Caia’s eyes had widened. Before them stretched a loooong wide corridor, decorated richly in butter creams and gold. The carpet felt like clouds beneath their feet, and here and there were pieces of Louis XIV furniture, and rich, dark oil paintings favoring Italian Renaissance. More surprising, however, was the lack of doors, except for the large double doors at the very bottom of the seemingly endless corridor. Furthermore, there were ten magiks standing vigilant guard, five aside to either wall, and dotted along the walkway in exact formation.

    Those colossal double doors, which would not have looked out of place at the Palace in Versailles, had swung open to reveal a breath taking room with an eclectic taste. But it was neither the room, nor the furniture, nor the decoration that caught Caia’s eyes this time. It was the magiks in front of her.

    “Caia Ribeiro.” Marita gave a tight smile, nodded at her before shifting her gaze to Lucien. “Lucien Líder.”

    Caia gulped and looked up at her Alpha. Lucien’s eyes were narrowed on the couple. Was she supposed to curtsey? Lucien was doing his usual, calculating their characters, deciding on the spot whether they had the potential to be trustworthy and likeable. The brief nod he gave, however, revealed that like or not, Lucien would respect the Head of the Coven and her ‘mate’.

    Marita was very like her sister. She was as small and fragile-looking as Marion, as elegant, her hair as fiery red. But where there was gentle warmth in Marion’s features, Marita seemed sculpted in ice. Her eyes were tight and sharp, her jaw tense, her hands clasped rigidly in front of her. Vanne on the other hand was almost as tall as Lucien, except leaner and wiry. Seeming far more relaxed than his wife, Vanne stood, smiling widely at Caia, his eyes drinking her in. He wasn’t leering at her, she was sure of that; it was more as if he found her extraordinarily fascinating, as if he was waiting for her to do something completely unexpected.

    “I’m glad we have this opportunity to meet,” Marita said, walking gracefully towards them. She took Caia’s hand in her own and shook it quickly and soberly. “Please, have a seat.”

    “Thank you,” Caia managed and, with a subtle nod from Lucien, she followed Marita and Vanne further into the room. She and Lucien sat on a Louis XIV sofa facing the Head of the Coven, who sat facing them primly in a chair matching the sofa. Vanne lazed back in a leather La-Z-Boy that was so out of place with the décor and gazed, entirely relaxed, at the fire blazing brightly in the massive, ornate fireplace to their right. She knew she must look like the biggest dolt, her eyes wide as she took in the rich surroundings. Her gaze fell on Marion, who was now taking a seat away from the small gathering at the fireplace. She smiled at Caia reassuringly.

    “Well,” Marita began slowly, her ocean-blue gaze fixed like granite on Caia, “Marion has filled me in on your reports about the Midnights, however, I would like you to reiterate for me this Pierre Du Bois’ plans for the MacLachlans.”

    She nodded, feeling the butterflies dissipate a little, now that she had some control in the situation. “In three weeks’ time, Sunday 4th to be exact, Pierre and a few of his agents intend to ambush the MacLachlans during one of their pack runs. He was investigating best possible attack strategies, and then he found out that, like us, the MacLachlans have organized pack runs every month. They drive out to Remnant Forest, the woodlands that border the east of the city. According to Pierre’s agents the MacLachlans have employed a magik to mask their activities on public property?” she quizzed, having never realized such business went on.

    Vanne grinned at her. “Some of us are extremely enterprising. We like to think on the whole that the Daylights are a tight group. We work well with each other regardless of race. And yes... we are aware that one of our magiks is employed by the MacLachlans. Seems only fair, considering the MacLachlans have been providing the Coven with excellent Rogue Hunters for many generations. One of the finest currently in fact, Phoebe MacLachlan.”

    “A female hunter?” It was her turn to grin excitedly.

    He chuckled. “There are a few. We’re not as backward as you may think, Caia.”

    “Having lived among humans for so long without any supernatural influence other than one measly lykan,” Marita smirked and Caia bristled at the certain condescension she sensed in her tone, “It’s only natural that you may think the human females have more liberal rights than some female supernaturals do-”

    “Lykans in particular,” Vanne teased, grinning dangerously at Lucien. She felt him tense beside her.

    “Hmm, well no matter the race, we are aware your opinions may be unduly influenced by your upbringing, but I assure you, Caia, the Daylight Coven has much to offer you. Why... I’m a woman. One could surely say I’m one of the most powerful supernaturals today. A very bright future awaits you here.”

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