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  • Scorched Skies(Fire Spirits #2)(45) by Samantha Young
  • Without apology Jai waved at her to continue.

    “I started having them just after Charlie told us about the wish. So it was before we ever went to your father’s house.”


    “It’s always this Jinn woman. Beautiful, long dark hair. She’s an immortal. And there’s this other guy she’s always fighting with. When you showed me the painting of Lilif, the artist’s rendition of her really resembled this Jinn woman in my dreams.”

    Jai’s brow puckered in confusion. “You’re dreaming about Lilif? The first of the Lilif Jinn? The Seven Kings of Jinns’ mother?”

    Ari nodded. “I think so.”

    “Well, what are the dreams about?”

    “Honestly?” Ari shook her head. “I have no fricking idea.”

    Jai thought a moment and sighed. “It could be nothing. The only connection between you is paternal — she is The White King’s mother. Why don’t we ask your uncle when we see him next?”

    Despite the fact that Red had saved their lives numerous times now Ari still hesitated. “Do you think we should?”

    Jai froze. “You don’t trust him?”

    “I don’t know. Do you?”

    “I don’t know.”

    Ari sighed and gazed at the door. “Is Charlie OK? Fallon told me…”

    Her guardian nodded and leaned in a little closer, the tiny diamond in his ear winking in the light. Why was that so hot? Ari’s eyes travelled from it along his strong jaw where a five o clock shadow was appearing. He needed a shave. Ari had the sudden urge to rub her cheek against him. Her stomach clenched and she returned her focus to his eyes which seemed brighter than they had been seconds ago. “Charlie will be OK. He’s dealing. It helps that The Roe’s are treating him like a hero for saving Fallon and helping him understand it was self-defense.”

    “I’m proud of him for saving her.”

    “Good.” Jai exhaled. “How proud?”

    Bemused, Ari shifted, tugging her comforter closer. “What do you mean?”

    “Are you proud as in ‘girl who is in love with him proud’ or ‘proud of a purely platonic friend proud’?”

    Ari bit back a laugh at the unexpected question. Jai was awful talkative and inquisitive today.

    Oh. Realization dawned.

    Her heart sputtered. “Platonic friend proud. Why?” she held her breath wondering if his answer would change everything. “Are you OK?”

    His hand slid across the mattress and pulled at hers, enfolding it between his palms. She stared at it disbelieving for a moment and then glanced up at him, eyes wide and questioning. “Ari, I am more than OK.”

    “Oh?” she felt weak all of a sudden.

    As if he understood, Jai stood up, his tall, powerful figure towering over her. Ari considered tugging on his hand and bringing him down on the bed with her, but decided she’d rather have clean hair and have brushed her teeth before he got that close to her. You’re such a girl, she scolded herself.

    “We’ll talk when you’re up and about,” Jai promised, shocking her when he leaned down to brush his lips across her cheek, her skin tingling with fire as he pulled back. Overwhelming feeling took over her senses and Ari tugged on his hand, halting his departure. “Ari?” he whispered and she saw it! Relief flooded her as his eyes laid it all out on the table. He cared! He really, really cared. And he’d changed his mind. This is what this meant right? He’d finally… chosen her. Please… she almost closed her eyes in benediction. Please let him love me enough.

    “Tell me now,” she whispered, sliding her hand up his forearm, pulling him closer.

    His gaze grew lidded and hot, his jaw clenched tight. “We should wait…”

    “No.” She shook her head, her heart banging so loudly she could barely hear over it. “Now.”

    Jai swallowed hard, his large hand reaching up to cup her face. “I lied before. It was never just as simple as attraction between us. I’m sorry it took me this long to admit it. I’m sorry it took me this long to… to choose you.”

    Ari’s lips trembled, scared to feel the kind of happiness she was feeling right now. “Are you choosing me, Jai?”

    His wicked smile made her stomach flip-flop and he nodded. “From now on the only choice I’ll ever make is you.”

    Her lips parted and Ari couldn’t stop the wide grin that settled over them, her eyes bright as she asked, “Really?”

    Jai gave a huff of laughter. “Never doubt it.” He leaned down, his mouth reaching for hers and Ari waited breathlessly—

    —The sound of the door banging against the wall jolting them apart, Jai spun around and blocked Ari from whoever it was. At once he relaxed and stepped aside so she could see that the intruders upon their epic moment was none other than The Red King and Fallon.

    Fallon’s cheeks were blazing as she stormed towards the bottom of Ari’s bed. “Charlie!” she gasped in outrage. “They’ve taken him!”

    Confused fear shot through Ari and she lunged forward, towards Fallon, seeking answers. “What? Taken? What do you mean taken? Who are ‘they’?”

    In a cocoon of calm, The Red King took a casual step forward, though his eyes were filled with what Ari assumed was sympathy. “He’s been escorted to Mount Qaf where he’ll face trial for the murder of The Gleaming King’s son.”

    “But a hybrid killing a hybrid never makes it to court,” Jai snapped.

    “Not just any hybrid.” Red scowled. “A King’s hybrid.”

    Impossible! They were to survive Dalí, who had hunted Ari (a King’s hybrid she might add!) and one of her own was to be punished for stopping him? No effing way. Fury and determination sucked the tiredness right out of her and Ari threw her covers back with an impressive amount of energy. “We need to go there. Now,” she snarled when no one made a move.

    The Red King sighed. “It would be dangerous to bring you to Mount Qaf. That’s exactly what The White King wants. If you went… the only place you might be safe is staying at my quarters within the Sultan’s palace.”

    That would mean living under the same roof as Azazil. A deep, icy cold crept over her and Ari fought to shake it off. She shrugged helplessly as she looked up into Jai’s worried eyes. “It’s Charlie.”

    Stone-faced Jai reached out and took her hand. “Then I guess we’re going to Mount Qaf.”

    “Can we put a stop to it?” she asked, anchoring herself to Jai. “Can we get him back?”

    The Red King quirked an arrogant eyebrow. “The Gleaming King will be prosecuting, so I say we have a shot.”

    A huff drew their attention and Fallon bristled from her position at the bottom of the bed. “My parents won’t let me go to Mount Qaf.” She turned to Ari. “He saved my life, Ari. You have to save him.”

    “Don’t worry,” Ari assured her, feeling braver now that she was fighting for someone else. “I’ll die trying.”

    Epilogue - Twin Flames

    The last time Ari had been at the palace she’d only seen one room. It had been the grand receiving room of the Sultan with all that confusing, icy cold glass. Mount Qaf didn’t feel cold to her anymore even though she was assured the realm was still in the dead of winter. Awakening her Jinn blood had changed that. She felt perfectly comfortable (temperature wise) standing in a small reception room of the palace in jeans and t-shirt. The shower she’d taken at the hotel had been the quickest one ever and she’d barely given herself time to say a quick goodbye to the team of hunters before agreeing to the summons Red conjured that would take her to Mount Qaf along with Jai. Ms. Maggie had been left behind and already Ari missed her comforting presence. Once again her poltergeist had protected her, alerting Red to her kidnapping. Ari was beginning to wish she could meet the Ifrit for real. Now that Ari wasn’t so blind with grief over Derek, even she was beginning to wonder now why the Ifrit was so keen to protect her.

    Jai, Ari and The Red King stood before a blazing fireplace, a chaise longue and two Queen Anne leather chairs confusing Ari. There was even a beautiful library desk and green library lamp. Crowded bookshelves were crammed around the rock and emerald walls, and curtains billowed in the breeze coming in from the French doors that led to a balcony that looked over the mountains. Jai was staring out of the window in awe.

    First time in Mount Qaf?

    He threw her a disarmingly awed smile that made him look ten years old. Yeah. It’s… unbelievable.

    “I don’t believe this,” The Red King hissed, glancing around the room the Shaitan servant had led them to.

    Ari’s heart thudded in warning. “What?”

    “This is part of Asmodeus’ quarters.”

    “Asmodeus?” Ari and Jai asked in unison.

    “That would be me,” a familiar, deep silky voice entered the room and they spun around.

    Ari’s heart dropped out of her feet.

    Standing before them was a coldly handsome young-looking man… well… Jinn. His black eyes flickered over Red and Jai disdainfully before falling on Ari with a curiosity that froze her to the spot. No way. Not him!

    After a moment too long of staring at her, Asmodeus slanted his gaze at The Red King. “Sultan Azazil sends his apologies. He’s rather busy at the moment so he sent me to welcome our guests to the palace.”

    “I’m surprised you said yes?” The Red King narrowed his eyes, a question in his words.

    Asmodeus shrugged and Ari felt her chest constrict with panic. This wasn’t happening. She eyed his familiar long black hair.

    Jai? She found herself telepathing frantically.


    Lilif? Was Asmodeus her brother?

    Her twin, Jai answered, turning slightly to catch her eye. How did you...?

    Her breath left her. I’ve been dreaming about him too.

    Jai’s eyes narrowed. Well that can’t be good.

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