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  • Scorched Skies(Fire Spirits #2)(46) by Samantha Young
  • No. I thought Lilif was an Ifrit. Asmodeus is a Marid, right?

    Right, Jai agreed. They’re like the Jinn version of fraternal twins. They’re also ancient, mysterious and not to be messed with. We have to find out why you’re dreaming—

    “Young people,” Asmodeus suddenly said, drawing their attention back to him. “Don’t they know it’s rude to have a conversation behind someone’s back?”

    “Well.” The Red King strode forward, putting himself between them and Asmodeus. “Thank you for the welcome, Asmodeus. I’ll take our guests to my quarters now.”

    With a cocked eyebrow, Asmodeus stepped back from the doorway and gestured as if to say ‘you’re free to leave.’

    Following The Red King out of the door Ari couldn’t help but chance a glance up at Azazil’s famed first lieutenant. He was even taller than The Red King. As her eyes flickered over him they caught on the sight of a ring hanging from leather rope around his neck. Her gaze flew to his face in surprise. He wore a replica of the Seal around his neck so others would think he still protected it. His cold look crawled over Ari like frozen little spiders and she unconsciously grabbed Jai’s hand as the door closed behind them. Her guardian pulled her closer.

    Red was silent as he led them through the chilling corridors of the palace. Finally, after a few minutes of walking he said, “You will stay by Ari’s side the entire time we’re here, Jai, do you understand?”

    “Yes, Your Highness.”

    “And Ari.” Red spun around bringing them to a halt. His face was hard and colder than Ari had ever seen it. “If you find yourself alone with Asmodeus, and by alone I mean even if Jai is with you, you call on me. Do you understand?”

    “He’s dangerous?”

    Red nodded. “He has an interest in you and I don’t know why. Until I do, we’re keeping you away from him.”

    Goosebumps rose on her arms and Jai slid a hand around her back, drawing her into his side. She smiled weakly but gratefully. Too much was happening.

    “When does Charlie’s trial start?” she asked as they started walking again, this time the nearness of Jai’s body keeping her nervous jitters at bay.

    “Tomorrow,” Red responded sharply. “Gleaming will be leading it but because of your involvement Azazil will be overseeing it. Tomorrow is a dangerous day for you too, Ari. Charlie may or may not be sentenced for his crime, but you,” he shot her a concerned look, “you will be laid bare for all to see. Azazil has forbidden The Gleaming King from mentioning your true importance. In the case of this trial you are The White King’s hybrid and Dalí sought to use your blood to power his talismans. It’s something some sorcerers do with virgin blood.”

    She blushed at that.

    “But there have always been rumors and speculation about the legend of a daughter born to Sala the Lilif and The White King. Some will seek to find out the truth. You’re leaving yourself open to more enemies.”

    Fear was desperate to take control of her, so Ari concentrated on the thought of Charlie and where he was right now and what was happening to him. The fear suddenly dissipated as that knot within her chest pulsed and tightened, separating itself from her, pushing her out, taking control. The emotions from it flooded her and Ari fought to brush it off. She took deep breaths, feeling Jai’s hand pressed harder against her back. Back in control, Ari still felt tendrils of the darkness the knot had tried to pollute her with — the fury and disgust that anyone would try to push her around. Ari braced her shoulders, her eyes blazing with more determination than she knew she had.

    “Lilif herself could come back from the dead to hunt me down, and it still wouldn’t stop me from saving Charlie.”

    The Red King stiffened at the mention of his mother and he eyed Ari carefully, warily even. Finally he nodded. “Then so be it.”

    To be continued…

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