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  • Smokeless Fire(Fire Spirits #1)(26) by Samantha Young
  • Jinn: This term is a collective one, used to describe individual Jinn and tribes of Fire Spirits. Jinn in their varied forms, like man, carry good souls within them or evil souls.

    Hierarchy of the Jinn:

    Azazil (also known as Iblis) : Sultan of the Jinn, Azazil is the first and most powerful of his children. He was born out of Chaos but legend tells us he has also fought on the side of good. As such, Azazil’s mercurial nature lends itself to good and evil.

    The Seven Kings of Jinn: Azazil’s seven sons. Each king reigns supreme over one day in the mortal week. They have jurisdiction over their allocated day and can interfere in the lives of Importants (see page 112 paragraph 2). In descending order:

    The Gilder King – Ruler of Sunday (neutral in the War of the Flames [see page 245])

    The Glass King – Ruler of Monday (subject to Azazil in the War of the Flames [as above])

    The Red King – Ruler of Tuesday (subject to Azazil in the War of the Flames)

    The Gleaming King – Ruler of Wednesday (subject to The White King in the War of the Flames)

    The White King – Ruler of Thursday (inciter of the War of the Flames [see page 243-245 onwards])

    The Shadow King – Ruler of Friday (subject to The White King in the War of the Flames)

    The Lucky King – Ruler of Saturday (neutral in the War of the Flames)

    Intrigued by the so-called ‘War of the Flames’ Ari wanted to skip through all the other stuff to page 243 to learn what it was and why The White King – her father – had incited it. But if there was one thing Ari knew when studying for her SATs it was to never skip the boring parts because that’s usually what came up in the exam. She drew her knees up to her chest, the book balancing on them, and she narrowed her eyes over the top of it to study Jai.

    He wasn’t going to quiz her on this was he?

    “Keep reading,” he murmured turning his page.

    Her mouth fell open in amazement. How did he do that? Flushing at having been caught staring, Ari sunk deeper into her pillows to hide behind her knees and bury her head in the book.

    It is argued whether the next in the order of hierarchy should come before the Seven Kings of Jinn for none truly understand the extent of his power…

    Asmodeus: Often referred to as Prince Asmodeus, he is Azazil’s 1st Lieutenant and the very first of the race of Marids (see page 87 para 4). Terrifyingly powerful and born of the evil Jinn, Asmodeus is loyal to Azazil – it is unknown why he is loyal to the Sultan, but his loyalty is absolute.

    The lesser royal Jinn that followed weren’t nearly so interesting as this Prince Asmodeus guy but Ari read on, her eyes glazing over every now and then until she snapped herself to attention at a list of the most common Jinn.

    Marid: Always evil, the Marid have extraordinary power and are known to live as long as 2500 years, although Asmodeus is far older (his true age remains unknown, although some postulate he is almost as old as Azazil).

    Ifrit: Like all Jinn, the Ifrit are telepathic and can converse with other Jinn this way. Like most Jinn the Ifrit can shapeshift, possess, shield themselves with invisibility by stepping into the Cloak, conjure with magic and enchantments, and place curses upon lesser beings — although their magic is not as powerful as the Marid’s. However, each individual Ifrit has one gift specific to them that can even overshadow the power of the Marid. The soul of the Ifrit is more ambiguous than the Marid. Although some are evil, some have been known to be good.

    Shaitan: Children and servants of the Sultan, the Shaitan have never been known to be anything but evil and are loyal only to those strong enough to call themselves their Master.

    Ari read on, discovering the names of some pretty disgusting creatures, along with the Nisnas she had encountered and the Labartu that had killed Charlie’s little brother. The majority of the information concentrated on the bad Jinn and Ari was left with a sick feeling in her stomach as the information planted itself firmly in her brain. It was weird. She had never wanted to know about her heritage but as she read on it became impossible to put the book down. Now that she knew what was out there, she had to know what else was out there. She had to arm herself in some way against the force of the Jinn. She was fascinated to learn that there existed half-breed Jinn — half-human, half-Jinn — that the Jinn called Hybrids. There were two kinds: Sorcerers and The Guild. According to Ari’s findings, Sorcerers were rare because most Hybrids had no idea about the Jinn and therefore didn’t connect with their magical abilities. The rare few who did were usually unable to handle the strength of the power without it turning their minds. They utilized talismans, seals and inscriptions to channel their magic. Theirs was considered ‘illicit’ magic for they often used it for their own means and to enslave Jinn. On the other end of the spectrum was The Guild, tribes of Hybrids who grew up learning ‘licit’ magic to hunt down Sorcerers and prevent any harm to humans from them or evil Jinn. They technically got away with killing Sorcerers because they were half-human but if a member of The Guild killed Jinn, rather than merely disarming them, they were called to Mount Qaf to face trial in the Jinn Courts. Wincing at how unfair that was, Ari moved on, surprised to discover that The Guild was created centuries ago by The Gilder King. Apparently he was known among the Jinn as the most benevolent of his brothers. It made Ari feel easier about The Red King; maybe he wasn’t so bad after all too? Maybe, she really could trust him? She felt like she could trust Jai anyway.

    Skimming through, Ari finally stumbled upon the history pages. What was written was only what ‘Anonymous’ considered the most important of Jinn history. She read about stuff The White King had already told her: that for centuries he and his brothers meddled in the lives of Importants, shaping destinies, building empires, destroying cities. Soaking it up, Ari turned the page to a new chapter and felt her heart pick up for no good reason at all.

    Chapter Four: The Seal of Solomon

    Religious scripts called him a Prophet, the son of David, but here he is known simply as King Solomon, enslaver of Jinn and master of the Seal of Solomon. Stories differ as to who bestowed the Seal of Solomon upon this Important but what is known is that it was a god. Placing into Solomon’s hand a ring of brass and iron, this god offered the mortal king the greatest of power. With the brass part Solomon could stamp his written commands to the good Jinn and with the iron part, he stamped his commands to the evil Jinn. With this unlimited power, King Solomon enslaved many Jinn, using them to build his great temples and provide him with whatever he wished. Over the years, out of pride and greed, he began to abuse his power, and Azazil the Great Sultan grew uneasy for the first time. Enlisting Asmodeus to determine the true power of the Seal, Asmodeus was astonished to discover that with the Seal upon his finger, Solomon could feel his presence spying upon him even when hidden within the Cloak. Demanding he reveal himself, Asmodeus was bound before King Solomon and trapped within a bottle as punishment for his attempted treachery. Unknown to any of us, the being who had bestowed the ring upon Solomon grew furious with his subject for treating the Jinn so carelessly. He stripped Solomon of his crown and the Seal and sent him out into the desert to die. To prevent unrest among the people He freed Asmodeus from the bottle and in exchange for the Seal of Solomon, Asmodeus shifted to appear as the mortal king and reign in his stead until his death. When his time as Solomon was over it is said Asmodeus returned to the Jinn Realm of Mount Qaf where he offered his master the Seal. Azazil attempted to destroy the ring but discovered it was indestructible. Confident in his own mastery over his people – for Azazil needed no ring to be obeyed – he offered the ring to Asmodeus, commanding he protect it with his life and never use it against the Jinn. Asmodeus is said to be evil but he is also honorable to his word. For centuries he has guarded the ring, wearing it in confidence on a strip of leather tied around his neck, daring lesser Jinn to steal it from him.

    None have.

    But as the tension grows between the Seven Kings of Jinn and their father, the Seal has taken its place as the most important weapon in the War of the Flames.

    Chapter Five: The War of the Flames

    It is said that the Seven Kings suspect their father of causing the chaos between them, and for upsetting the balance of order in their world. None can prove it. But what is universally acknowledged is the Sultan Azazil’s reluctance to restore order. He has the power to do so. But he does not. One son, one king, has grown intractable in his need to punish his father for what he considers negligence to their people. The White King. It is known throughout the many realms that The White King wishes to take his father’s place as Sultan of the Jinn. It is known also that he plans to use the Seal of Solomon to do so. He has attempted many times to steal the ring from Asmodeus, each attempt ending in the bloody and violent death of the servant sent in The White King’s stead to do so. Until his victory or failure to steal the Seal, the War of the Flames rages on, the Seven Kings of Jinn and their loyalties split into three factions: Azazil’s, The White King’s, and a place of neutrality where The Gilder King and The Lucky King refuse to be embroiled in the war. It is a sly war — for the most part it is not a physical war and will never be until the Seal passes into The White King’s hands. For now… the War of the Flames remains an ‘understanding’, and a promise of usurpation should the time ever present itself to Azazil’s treacherous son of Thursday.

    Ari slammed the book shut, the crack of pages slamming together echoing around the room. Her heart was racing hard in her chest and she had no idea why. The words kept running through her mind over and over. Azazil. The War of the Flames. The Seal of Solomon. The White King. Asmodeus. The War of the Flames. The Seal of Solomon. The White King. Azazil…

    “Ari, you OK?”

    She jerked her head up, her eyes refocusing on Jai who was leaning forward on the sleeping bag, his eyebrows drawn together in concern.

    Somehow, Ari began to breathe properly again and she nodded. He frowned in consternation and sat back. “You sure?”

    Feeling better Ari reached over and placed the book on the nightstand, and when she glanced back at Jai she raised a questioning eyebrow. “So… you’re a telepath, huh. What’s that about?”

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