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  • Valentine(On Dublin Street #5.5)(4) by Samantha Young
  • “Yeah?” I ran my hands up his arms. “Then can we move it along? Because I would very much like an orgasm.”

    Braden’s eyes narrowed at my unromantic demand and he started walking, moving me backward toward the bed. “I was going to make love to you but if you just want to get straight to the point that’s your call.”

    “Really?” I said, my heart pounding with excitement. “I promise you can make love to me after.”

    My husband closed his eyes, a smile kicking up the corner of his mouth as he shook his head. “Almost twelve years of marriage and she’s still unlike any woman I’ve ever known.”

    “She’s still in the room.” I got up on the bed and when he opened his eyes I grinned at him. “I’m ready.”

    He smirked. “You look like a kid at Christmas.”

    My gaze dropped to his straining zipper. “And I know which present I want to open first.”

    Braden burst out laughing and reached out to wrap his hand around my ankle. Gently he pulled me down the bed toward him. I leaned back on my hands and tilted my head back, as his mouth descended toward mine.

    My lips tingled at the brush of his mouth against mine.

    One brush.



    A whisper.

    “Braden,” I pleaded softly.

    “Do you love me, Jocelyn?” he murmured in my ear, and goosebumps awakened at the back of my ear and all the way down my neck and spine.

    A long time ago that question would have sent me scurrying from the room. I remembered that fear, those feelings, but they felt somehow separate from me… like I remembered them as though they were felt by a very good friend of mine—as though it all happened to a very good friend of mine—rather than to me.

    I turned my cheek, caressing my face against his, feeling the slight prickle of stubble on his cheeks. “No one could love you more, baby.”

    At that he groaned and gripped the nape of my neck in his hand, holding me to him as he kissed me hungrily, desperately. I clung to his waist, straining for more, always more.

    I pulled back and reached up to cup his face in my hands.

    Staring into his eyes, eyes that were now as familiar as my own, I felt a huge rush of emotion overwhelm me. I knew it was my hormones. I swear I was at my mushiest when I was pregnant. I think that was another reason Braden liked me knocked up.

    “Do you still feel the way you felt about me when we first got together?”

    He stared at me, his eyes searching mine. “No,” he said quietly, as though it was obvious, and my breath caught. “I feel more.” He took my hand in his, sliding his fingers through mine. “You’re a part of me now in a way you weren’t when we first fell in love. It was just a connection then. A hot, exciting, sexy as fuck connection.” He grinned at me, the memories dancing in his eyes. “Now it’s a full blown fusion. A hot, deep, sexy as fuck fusion. If something had happened back then… if it hadn’t worked out… it would have floored me but I would have eventually gotten back up and started living again. Life would have been emptier but I would have gotten on with it.

    “Now.” He pressed his forehead to mine and closed his eyes. “Losing you would be like losing myself.” His eyes opened, burning bright, so close to mine. “It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

    Tears welled up in my eyes (pregnancy hormones and sweet husband did not a dry-eyed Jocelyn make) and I kissed him softly. “I want you inside me now, however way you want to give it to me,” I said, my husky voice even huskier with emotion. “Making love or slam bam thank you ma’am.”

    His laughter tickled my lips and he kissed me harder as he slowly slid my nightdress up my body. He broke away from me so he could lift it over my head and throw it aside as he had done with his sweater. His eyes darkened and his chest was rising and falling in quick breaths. “On your knees, babe,” he said softly as he caressed my cheek with the pad of thumb.

    I shivered in anticipation and turned around, steadying myself on my hands and knees. I felt incredibly exposed, but not in a vulnerable way. Never with my husband.

    The sound of his zipper filled the room and I felt my arms shake as need rolled through my body. The rustling of clothing told me he was divesting himself of his jeans and underwear.

    I glanced over my shoulder, my thighs quivering at the sight of my gorgeous husband and his beautiful cock. My fingers curled into the duvet underneath me and heat rushed through me as he got up onto the bed on his knees too and grasped my hips in his hands.

    One of his hands disappeared between my spread legs and I sank into him with a moan as he pushed two fingers inside of me.

    Braden’s groan reverberated around the room. “Wet doesn’t even cover it.”

    “I told you,” I panted, my head falling forward as he toyed with me. “I’m horny as hell.”

    He chuckled and his fingers disappeared. “My wife. Ever the romantic.”

    The heat of his cock nudged between my legs and I whimpered. “Yes.”

    Without further ado Braden pushed inside of me and the wonderful feeling of being filled took my overly aroused body straight to the clifftop.

    “I’m close,” I panted in disbelief.

    Braden’s grip tightened on my hips as he rocked into me. “Just let it happen. I’ll take you there as many times as you want.”

    “Oh God.” I pulled at the fabric I’d curled into my hands as I pushed back into Braden’s gentle thrusts. “God, Braden… Braden… Oh God… yes… yes!” My back bowed as I came, my inner muscles rippling and tugging around Braden’s cock.

    “Fuck,” he grunted as it continued. “Fuck!” When he said the word ‘fuck’ he thrust a little deeper, faster into me.

    I steadied my body against its desire to go languid and loose in the aftermath of my orgasm and as Braden pumped into me I felt the tension start to build again.

    His fingers bit into my hips. “One more time.” He slid his hands up my spine and around my chest, cupping my breasts in his hands. Gently, he applied pressure, and I eased up off my hands until my back was pressed to his chest.

    I gasped at how deep he slid inside me, and reached out behind me for him, resting my hands on his hips for balance.

    He pinched my nipples and I cried out, my head falling back on his shoulder. And then he started to move again and I caught his rhythm, pushing up off his cock and sliding back down it again.

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