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  • Valentine(On Dublin Street #5.5)(7) by Samantha Young
  • I fell easily into conversation with him, laughing and chatting about everyday nonsense as we finished off a glass of wine and started another.

    We’d found a corner where we could hear each other over the noise of the party and I thought nothing of our amiable chitchat until I lifted my left hand to smooth my hair back from my face.

    Jack’s eyes caught on my hand and he grew still. To my surprise, disappointment entered his expression. “You’re married?”

    I tensed, realizing he’d only just now spotted my wedding rings.

    Oh crap.

    Did he… ?

    “Yes, I’m married.”

    He dragged his gaze over me and I suddenly felt very uncomfortable standing there in my cocktail dress and heels. “Of course you’re married,” he said hollowly. “Why wouldn’t you be?”

    “I thought you saw them.” I looked down at my wedding rings. “Did you think I was flirting?”

    “Yes, I definitely did.” He stared at me intensely. “Are you sure you weren’t?”

    “Of course I wasn’t,” I said indignantly. And I bloody well wasn’t!

    He nodded. “No, I suppose you weren’t.”

    We had just been talking. Friendly chatter. Nothing more!

    He sighed and shook his head. “Sorry.”

    “It’s alright.” I wanted to escape but I didn’t know how to do it without being rude.

    Jack shot me a look, the spark of hope in it making me freeze. “Are you sure you’re happily married?”

    “Yes, she fucking is.” Adam snarled at him, appearing at my side.

    I looked up at him wide-eyed, as he wrapped his arm around my wrist and pulled me away.

    “It’s not what you think,” I said to his back as he hauled me through the crowds. “Adam!”

    But he wasn’t listening.

    I could feel the anger vibrating off him as he dragged me out of the sitting room and down the crowded hall. He pounded on a door and when he got no response he threw it open and pulled me inside behind him.

    We were in the bathroom.

    Adam locked it behind us.

    “I wasn’t flirting with him,” I said immediately.

    His response was to jerk me toward him and then shove me against the door.

    I was shocked by his roughness. “Adam,” I whispered.

    He glowered at me as he pressed his body into mine and I gasped at the feel of his erection. “How would you have felt?” he said hoarsely as he pinned my hands up beside my head and ground his dick against me. “If it had been you who found me with some woman, flirting with me, looking at me like she wanted to fuck me right there and then, and then asking me if I was happily married?”

    I swallowed hard. “Is that how it looked?”

    “Jesus, Ellie, are you fucking oblivious?”

    “Apparently,” I winced.

    He stared at me, his anger not dissipating any and then he groaned in frustration, the sound filling my mouth as he kissed me. His kiss was hard, punishing and more than a little thrilling.

    His kiss felt out of control.

    Suddenly my hands were free as his slid roughly down my body. I wrapped my arms around him, drawing him ever closer.

    I shivered at the feel of his fingers on my inner thigh, and I sighed into his mouth as those fingers moved upward and slipped beneath my underwear. My own fingers curled into the hair at the nape of his neck as he dragged his thumb over my clit.

    I pushed my hips into his touch as he slid two fingers inside of me.

    I gasped at the sensation, breaking the kiss as my head fell back against the door.

    “You’re already wet,” he said, voice thick with arousal and surprise.

    I opened my eyes to look at him and his own gaze darkened with heat at what he saw in mine. Yes, I was already wet, because I was utterly turned on by the fact that my husband was so desperate for me.

    And that desperation only increased at my expression.

    “Fuck,” he panted, his chest heaving as his breathing quickened. His hands went to his jeans and my belly rippled low with need as he unzipped. He pushed his jeans down low enough to release his dick and my thighs began to quiver.

    Eyes locked to mine, Adam pushed the hem of my dress up and then tore my underwear down.

    My grip on him tightened as the pulse between my legs throbbed.

    “Adam.” His name was a plea.

    He hooked my left thigh around his hip and thrust up.

    My head slammed back against the door and I cried out at the pleasure of being filled completely by him.

    “Ellie,” he grunted, his eyes low-lidded with his desire. “My Ellie.”

    My husband continued to pump into me, his thrusts hard and fast as he pounded me against the bathroom door. I wrapped both legs around his waist and he moved deeper inside of me.

    I called out his name along with God’s.

    “Everyone can hear us,” he whispered against my lips. “Everyone can hear how much I want you.”

    My inner muscles clenched around him at the thought and his eyes widened slightly at the evidence of how aroused I was by this.

    “Fuck, Ellie.” He thrust harder.

    “Oh God!” I dug my fingers into his shoulders, the tension inside of me reaching breaking point. “Adam!” I came around him hard and he cried out my name as my climax squeezed around his driving cock, wrenching his own orgasm from him.

    He slumped against me, his hands still clutching my thighs, holding me up. He panted against my neck, his lips trailing along the skin under my ear. Finally, as our breathing grew more controlled he pulled back to look me in the eyes.

    “You can still surprise me,” he said, tenderness and love mixed with the satisfaction in his gaze.

    I smiled slowly. “You can still surprise me, too. I thought you were over the whole possessive thing.”

    The muscle in his jaw clenched. “I trust you and I’m secure in our relationship. It doesn’t mean I can sit back and watch some good-looking guy five years my junior hitting on my wife.”

    I wrinkled my nose. “Was he good-looking?”

    Adam stared at me a moment and then a slow smile curled his beautiful lips. “You didn’t notice he was good-looking?”

    I shook my head, sliding my hands into his hair. “I’m not attracted to anyone but you.”

    “Jesus, what did I do to deserve you, Els?” he sagged against me, sliding his arms around my back to hug me to him.

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