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  • Valentine(On Dublin Street #5.5)(22) by Samantha Young
  • Everyone else had left INKarnate, the tattoo studio in Leith that we worked in. I was the full time receptionist and would continue to be the full time receptionist until I started art college after the summer. Then I’d drop to part time. Cole, my fiancé, was the manager and head tattooist. Stu owned the place but his visits were rare now. Rae, my best friend and ex flatmate, was the tattooist and tattoo removal specialist, and Simon, gorgeous, alpha-man gay Simon, was our other tattooist and piercings guy.

    Both of them had gone home to their respective lovers an hour ago.


    Because it was Valentine’s Day.

    Actually it was Cole’s and my first Valentine’s Day together… and he was tattooing some flirty, giggling stunner while I waited impatiently for him to finish up.

    I crossed my arms over my chest and glowered out at the street that was artificially lit up by street lights and the headlamps of passing vehicles. Now, I knew for a fact that Cole was not flirting back with the brunette. Somehow, after everything I’d been through, I managed to find the one guy in the world who looked like something out of a really sexy Greek myth (yes, he was that gorgeous), had the principles of a Disney hero, the style and attitude of a biker, the soul of an artist, and the honor and skills of an honest to goodness warrior.

    I may have thought about how to describe Cole perfectly a lot. Really a lot.

    Now of course he wasn’t perfect. If he was perfect we’d be on our first Valentine’s Day date by now, but he was definitely one of the good ones, which was why I trusted him implicitly.

    Even when he had sexy women on his tattoo chair.


    I whipped around to see Cole standing in the doorway of the back hall where the tattoo rooms were. “Yeah?”

    He nodded his head toward his room. “My customer is feeling faint. Do you have any chocolate?”

    Hmm. The very suspicious part of me wondered how a girl could go from giggling to feeling faint all of a sudden. I swept my gaze over my fiancé, taking in his very tall, very athletic build. The tattoos, the scruff, and that face. And those eyes. Those green eyes that could make my underwear melt right off of me.

    Yeah, I wasn’t buying that his customer felt faint.

    I smiled sweetly. “I’ll bring some in.”

    He smiled back at me. “Thanks, sweetheart. We’ll get out of here shortly.”

    I nodded and he disappeared back to his room. Grabbing the chocolate from the mini-fridge in the cupboard behind my desk, I then hurried over to one of the mirrors we had set up in the studio so people could look at piercings or tattoos or whatever. When the brunette had first gone into Cole’s room for her appointment I’d changed into my dress for our date. I’d then covered it up with my coat so Cole wouldn’t see it until we were ready to go.

    It was time to disband with that idea. I shrugged off the coat and dumped it on the couch. Staring at my reflection I gave myself a careful nod. I was wearing an LBD. My favorite one actually. Cole liked me in black. This one he’d seen me in but he didn’t get to appreciate it fully because we weren’t together. I wore it to his birthday party last year when there was animosity, misunderstanding and incredible sexual tension between us.

    I thought I’d give him the chance to get me out of it this time.

    Along with the dress, I was wearing black suede ankle boots that made my short, slender legs look longer.

    “Shortcake?” he called from his room.

    Oops. I was taking too long.

    Clutching the chocolate I sauntered into the back hall, my heels clicking against the tiled flooring. I stopped in the doorway of Cole’s room to see him sitting on a stool and the brunette relaxed on his chair.

    There was no sign of paleness to be found.

    Cole raised an eyebrow at the sight of me as I walked slowly in so he wouldn’t miss one bit of the dress.

    “Chocolate.” I handed it to him, suppressing a smile.

    He took it and handed it to his customer without even looking at her. “When did the quick change act happen?”

    “While you were in here.” I shrugged and smoothed my hands down the dress. “I wanted to be ready.”

    “Good call,” he said, still eating me up.

    “Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?” the brunette asked, her eyes on me as she nibbled on the chocolate.

    Feeling faint my butt. What a waste of my ‘for the fainties’ chocolate. There were people who really needed that chocolate!

    “I do. But he’s late.”

    Cole shot me a look, his lips curling up at the corners. “What an arsehole.”

    I gave a ‘well, whatcha gonna do?’ shrug. “Do you think he’ll like the dress?”

    “I think he will love the dress.”

    “Aye, you look good,” the brunette added before turning to Cole with flirt in her eyes. “What about you? Do you have a date tonight?”

    I just stopped myself from rolling my eyes.

    Cole wasn’t stupid. He got flirted with all the time. He knew she was flirting with him, and he knew that’s why I hadn’t left the room after delivering the chocolate. “With my fiancé.”

    She almost choked. “You’re engaged.” She looked entirely put out, like she had a right to be or something. “Well she’s a lucky girl.”

    “She knows.” I wiggled my left hand at her where the beautiful diamond Cole had put on it months ago, sparkled.

    And everything finally came together for her. Cole ducked away, hiding his grin as he pretended to clean up.

    “Oh, you two.” She gestured between us. “Right. I missed that.” She gave me a sheepish smile. “I guess I’m holding you guys up. I’ll just go.”

    “Only if you’re feeling better,” I said with as much genuine feeling as I could inject into it. I did a pretty good job pretending because she now looked guilty.

    “I’m much better thanks.” She got up off the chair. “I’ll just pay and get out of here.”

    “I’ll take care of that.” I stared at my fiance’s back. “I take it you gave her the after care talk?”

    He glanced over his shoulder. “I did.”

    “Thanks again, Cole.” She gave him a little wave.

    “You’re welcome.” He gave her a chin nod before turning back to pretending to be busy.

    As soon as she was out of the door I rolled my eyes at his back and then followed her out.

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