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  • Valentine(On Dublin Street #5.5)(25) by Samantha Young
  • The coiling pleasure low in my belly began to build in pressure, my excitement increasing at the intimacy that matched our passion—our eyes holding, filled with love, the sound of my uncontrolled breaths and mews of pleasure, the intoxicating smell of sex… and Cole groaning at me to come.

    “Cole!” I cried out, my body moving faster up and down his length, rushing me toward climax. My muscles clenched around Cole as I came, wave after wave of pleasure pulsing around his cock.

    As my limbs melted with satisfaction, Cole started pumping his hips beneath me, lifting me against his hard thrusts until I felt him stiffen seconds before he came inside me.

    His grip loosened and he relaxed under me, his chest rising and falling with his rapid breaths.

    I leaned over him, careful still not to touch his tattoo and I kissed him—a long, deep, sweet kiss that made my inner muscles squeeze around him. I broke apart just far enough so I could talk, shivering as he coasted his fingers lightly over my naked spine. “Our first Valentine’s Day was a success,” I whispered against his mouth.

    He nodded and squeezed me closer. “Every single one is going to be.”

    “All fifty of them?” I teased.

    “You fucking bet your arse, Shortcake. This here,” he encircled my waist with his large hands, “every inch of you is mine. Forever.” He glanced down at his chest and then back into my eyes, “ ‘S’ or ‘Shannon’… it will always mean one thing. That I love you.”

    “I love the tattoo,” I promised him as I gently circled the area around it with my forefinger. “It will always mean that to me too.”

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, Shortcake.” He kissed me softly.

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, Cole.”


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