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  • Priestess Dreaming(Sisters of the Moon #16)(9) by Yasmine Galenorn
  • Slowly, I moved into his arms, and he pulled me close. “It’s been awhile since it’s just been us,” he whispered, encircling my waist and pulling me close.

    “I know.” I closed my eyes, feeling his breath, smelling the toasty cinnamon fragrance of his cologne. He was familiar—we had been together back in Otherworld before fear had driven me away from him. The Svartans were not known for sticking with partners . . . and while I didn’t ask for monogamy, neither had I been prepared to be cast aside. So even though Trillian and I’d undergone a ritual that bound us together—the Eleshinar ritual—I’d run away, leaving him behind. He’d pursued me, but it was only when we came over to Earthside that he finally managed to catch up with me.

    When we met again and I dared to kiss him, my heart was as good as gone. He would always be my alpha lover, though if pressed, there was no way I could pick one husband over another. They all complemented me. We were bound together, with each of them occupying an important space in my heart. Trillian called me on my bullshit. He was blunt and honest, and while he was arrogant as all get-out, he earned the right. I always knew where I stood with him.

    Now, he gazed into my eyes, his forehead pressed against mine. “And here we are. So very far from where we first met at the Collequia. Remember, love? Remember I told you that you could do anything you set your mind to?”

    I remembered, all right. He’d caught me right from the start, his silken voice wrapping around me. “I remember.”

    “I still believe it. Look at you. Look at what you’ve done, and what you’re becoming. Look at how much we’ve gone through, and yet here you are, calmly facing a journey that would send lesser women screaming their heads off. I’m so proud of you, Camille.” As he sought my lips, I sank into his kiss. It was warm and luxurious. Opulent and lush and reeking of sex.

    Moaning slightly, I shifted under the weight of his embrace, and he caught me up in his arms, carried me to the bed, and tumbled me onto the comforter, covering me with his body, pressing against me as the warmth of his skin melted through the sheer lace nightgown. I could feel him, through his jeans, hard and rigid, and straining for release.

    Gasping, I pushed against him. “Pants. Off.”

    He laughed, throaty and dark, and rolled over, unzipping his jeans and sliding out of them in one smooth motion. As he sat up, I feasted my sight on him. He was glorious, with a few scars from battle here and there, but his muscles and skin gleamed in the dim lamplight, and I wanted nothing more than to lean over and run my tongue along the faint beads of perspiration that rose along his stomach.

    I followed the trickle of sweat as it rolled down his chest, down to his groin, following the curve of the V leading to his cock. Rigid, hard, and throbbing, it gleamed as black as the rest of him—jet black, not coffee brown like Shade. Trillian was the color of glassy obsidian, and I moaned, suddenly so hungry for him that my stomach hurt.

    He laughed then, seeing my desire, and leaned back against the pillows, his arms beneath his head. I knelt by his side, bending to press my lips to the head of his cock, fitting them tightly over the strength and girth that I knew so well. Trillian had been inside of me more times than I could count, filling every part of me that could be filled—he’d f**ked my mouth, my ass, my cunt, driven me into a frenzy of orgasm till I was giddy.

    Getting serious, I slid my lips along his length, and Trillian let out a garbled moan. Grinning—I knew how to work my tongue—I stroked him with my mouth, pressing my lips firmly around his shaft as I swallowed him deep, relaxing my throat muscles so I could almost take him to the hilt. His pr**cum tasted like salted caramel, warm and sweet, and the pulse of his veins throbbed through his c**k as I slid up and down, working him over, tightening my lips around him so that the suction was strong.

    He pulsed, growing harder under my tongue. All I could think about was how much I wanted him to dive deep inside my cunt, to stretch me out, to thrust again and again until I was out of my mind with desire.

    Coiling around him, my tongue playing the snake, I covered every inch, then broke off and moved down, gently sliding my mouth over one of his balls, As I sucked, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to make him groan, the smell of his sweat filtered through me and his neatly trimmed pubic hair brushed against my cheek, tickling. The smell of his arousal urged me on.

    A moment later he tensed, and I thought he was about to come, but instead, he propped up on his elbows. “Enough for now. Come up here. Let me taste you.” The grin on his face said everything. He was Coyote, taunting me, cajoling me.

    I flipped around to reverse cowgirl position, and back up, straddling his body on my hands and knees. As I lowered myself inches above his face, Trillian leaned up and I felt his tongue begin to slide around my clit, circling, teasing me as he darted around the bud, tickling lightly and then stronger.

    I bit my lip and let out a whimper. His teeth caught a light hold then, sucking me, as one hand reached up to caress my butt, smoothly sliding over the curve. The next moment, he inserted a lubed finger up my ass, twisting as he slowly drove his way deeper. The next moment, he sucked on my clit, hard, and then gave a little nip—hard enough to smart.

    The pain combined with the grinding pleasure going on in my backside sent me into a tailspin and I let out a sharp cry. Trillian yanked his finger out and the next thing I knew, he had rolled out from under me and pushed me onto my stomach on the bed. I spread my legs and he lay flat on top of me, sliding his c**k deep in my pu**y, resting his hands on either side. As he thrust against me, my pu**y tightened, squeezing him each time he plunged into me.

    One moment, he was deep inside me, then he was on his knees, grabbing me up to flip me over and pull me to my feet. As he walked me back to the wall, bracing me against it, I raised my legs, wrapping them around his waist, as he once again rammed his c**k deep in my cunt. Caught in the sex haze, I held him tight, my arms embracing his back, clutching those broad shoulder muscles, as he pounded me against the wall, driving deeper with each thrust.

    My lips tingling, I leaned back, gazing into his eyes, and watched as the smile on his face turned to dark intensity, and then—before I was ready—the sudden rush of orgasm washed over me as I came, screaming out his name. Trillian gave one final thrust, and then he let out a low roar as he cl**axed, filling me full with his cum, awash in the breaking light as morning began to unfold.

    *   *   *

    I woke around noon, not refreshed but alert enough to get up. Trillian was still asleep beside me, and I left him in bed, silently padding over to the bathroom, where I took a long, hot shower. I didn’t want him leaving here tired—better he was fully rested and able to cope with whatever Otherworld might choose to throw his direction.

    After drying my hair and putting on my makeup, I dressed in a warm gunmetal skirt that reached my ankles, but had a slit up the side to my thigh. I added a black PVC corset over the top, then slipped into a plum bolero jacket to keep myself warm. As I slid into a pair of stiletto pumps, and headed out the door, closing it softly behind me, I heard noise coming from downstairs. Somebody was making a racket.

    The kitchen was a flurry of activity. Iris and Hanna were in full cookie-making mode. Delilah was tapping away on her laptop at the table with Maggie by her feet. Morio and Smoky were outside, doing something to the side of the house. I slipped out the door and motioned to Smoky. He was in white jeans and a T-shirt that was sticking to his back, and he was carrying a hammer from where he’d been nailing a board back onto the house.

    I slipped my arm through his elbow and walked him away from Morio. “So . . . where was the temper tantrum coming from yesterday? What’s going on?”

    He was silent for a moment, then a strand of his hair rose up to wrap around my shoulder. “I have a lot on my mind, Camille. I love you and am worried sick about the chance of losing you.”

    I was used to him being overly concerned, but this was a bit much even for Smoky. “What’s going on? You’re not going to lose me. I’m not going anywhere.”

    The clouds broke overhead and a new round of rain began. I shivered, wondering how he could stay so warm without a coat.

    Smoky cocked his head to the side. “A year ago, I almost lost you to my father. He just about destroyed you and that would have destroyed me. Two months ago, I almost lost you to a storm that devastated Elqaneve. That would have devastated me. I can’t stand the thought of finding your body, broken and bruised . . .” He winced, and his hair thrashed around him, reflecting his feelings.

    “This is who I am, Smoky. You’ve known that since the beginning. I didn’t hide my life from you.” I couldn’t figure out what to say to calm his fears. I understood them, but I also had a better hold on my emotions than my beloved dragon.

    He shrugged. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I’d never loved anyone before I met you. Not any of the women I’d met. Not Hotlips. No one. I share you because that is who you are, and I’ve grown to accept it—I actually . . . admire the Fox and the Svartan. I even like them, but don’t you dare tell them that.” He allowed himself a faint smile, but then it vanished before I could say a word. “I love you with all of my heart, and the thought of what you go through . . . what your destiny has laid out for you . . . it tears me up.”

    I let out a long sigh. “I can’t stop fighting. I can’t just walk away and pretend everything will be okay because it won’t. The demons are at the door, Smoky, and this is my home. So is Otherworld. I can’t just ride off into the sunset and let them take over.”

    “I know that, and it makes me love you that much more.” He groaned, pulling me into his embrace. He wrapped his arms around my waist. “I will find a peace with this. I promise you that. Somehow.” Leaning down, he nuzzled my neck and I caught my breath, his musk filling me with desire and hunger for him, his tall body engulfing me in a protective haze that allowed me to feel safe for even just the moment we were standing there.

    “I hope you do,” I whispered. “Because I can’t have you getting angry at Derisa . . . or Aeval or any of the others. Do you understand? My duties to the Moon Mother come before anyone or anything in my life. That’s just the way it is for a priestess.” Pressing my hand against his chest, I looked up into his eyes, willing him to say yes, willing him to accept what our lives were.

    After a moment, he kissed my forehead, gazing beyond me. I had a feeling his thoughts had suddenly shifted elsewhere, but for some reason, I didn’t want to ask why.

    He kissed me again, then—still not answering my question—picked up his hammer and returned to his work. I stared at him for a moment before turning back to the kitchen.

    Nerissa was nowhere to be seen, but I knew she wasn’t working on Black Friday. Shaking off my concern over Smoky—there was nothing I could do about it until he was ready to open up—I thought about Black Friday and the mess that had been made of our bags. How much had been trashed? Whatever the case, I wasn’t about to go shopping today, not with Trillian leaving tonight.

    “Where is . . . well, whatever’s left from our shopping trip?” I glanced around the room. Nothing in here, except a whole lot of cookie dough, and a pot of something that smelled fantastic bubbling on the stove.

    Iris motioned toward the living room. “In there. Go sort through and find out what survived. Eighty percent of what I bought? Nothing more than rubbish now.”

    She sounded growly. No wonder Vanzir and Roz had vanished. If I were either of them, I’d give both Iris and Hanna a wide berth for a while. It might be our house, but those two ruled the roost and everybody knew it. In fact, I expected that for the next few days we’d be seeing very little of Vanzir. Rozurial, of course, would be leaving with Trillian tonight.

    Tonight. Again, a pang of fear stabbed me in the gut. But I wasn’t going to back out now. Darynal deserved to have his oath-brother looking out for him.

    Returning my attention to Iris, I gave her a quick hug. “You okay? Where are the babies?”

    She flashed me a warning look. But all she said was, “They’re home with the Duchess. She’s leaving at the beginning of the year, so I’m making the most of her stay. Babies are wonderful, but twins are double the trouble.”

    Even with the lightness she forced into her voice, I realized Iris might have miscalculated just how much effort children of her own might take. It was one thing looking after somebody else’s kids, but your own? A lot harder. And that was a problem I wasn’t about to take on. The more we went along, the more I had decided that the position of Auntie suited me just fine.

    Touching her lightly on the arm, I said, “If you need to, after your mother-in-law leaves, we can help you find a nanny.”

    She ducked her head, a flutter of a smile crossing her lips. “Thanks, Camille. I appreciate that.”

    Heading into the living room, I quickly realized that it was roasting. Several space heaters were scattered around, and it must have been eighty degrees. The room was starting to dry out. Twine had been rigged to run around the ceiling and there must have been sixty pieces of paper clothespinned to it. The books had been taken off the shelves and were scattered everywhere. It made me cringe to see them open, in some cases propped open, but if we didn’t make certain they were dry then we’d have a nasty mold problem on our hands. And the thought of losing all our books made me queasy. They’d never be quite the same, but I hoped we could save them all.

    The shopping bags that had survived were lined up on the sofa. I quickly found mine and peeked inside. Three out of the five bags were here, which meant two had bit the dust. As I sorted through the gifts I’d picked out, I realized that about sixty percent of the actual gifts had made it through. But two of the most expensive—for my sisters—had vanished. Considering both had been small jewelry boxes, I wondered if they had just gotten lost out in the yard. Which meant hightailing my ass out there to look around. I was about to slip into my coat and go look when the phone rang.

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