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  • Priestess Dreaming(Sisters of the Moon #16)(41) by Yasmine Galenorn
  • As I sang out to the Moon Mother, she flared, brilliant and silver overhead, and a moonbeam shot down, bathing me in her magic. I could hear her laugh, distant and tinkling, like chimes on the wind.

    “Are you ready, Camille? Are you ready to embrace your destiny? Are you ready to step up to the task?”

    I caught my breath, as I looked up to meet her gaze as she stared down at me from among the stars. Wild she was, and feral, but also beautiful and as fragile as glass on a cold night. One wrong movement and the web we were weaving would shatter. But follow the threads, and the web was strong as steel.

    “I’m ready, Lady. I’m willing to do whatever you ask of me.”

    “The way is long and difficult, but you are my Priestess. And you will lead the path for those who are lost and seeking their star. But Camille, watch close to your back. Enemies come from all sides, seeking the horn, seeking the seals. Even now, Shadow Wing sends new envoys to your city. The vultures are gathering. The lions are hunting. Keep alert. Be ready.” And then, she vanished and I was back in Circle.

    Shaking, yet feeling stronger than I had in a long time, I looked at the faces surrounding me. The faces of those I loved. And they beamed their love back at me. Yes, events were brewing in this, the longest night. But I would meet them, chin up and face forward.

    I was a priestess of the Moon Mother. And that made me strong. Whatever new threats were coming our way next, my sisters and I, and our lovers and friends, would stand against the enemy together. Where there was darkness, we would shine light. Where there was danger, we would remain strong. Because this was our home, and we would defend it till the very end.

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